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The old twitter with 8000 employees had plenty of time to ban women for calling TIMs what they are, men, but never had time to stop all the child abuse on their site.

Thanks to the efforts of Eliza and those who supported her, in February 2022, Twitter added a feature to easily report child sexual exploitation material, which was a huge victory in a years-long struggle. However, a few months later, Twitter “took the easy reporting system for minor survivors away.”

The few times that I use twitter and have reported messages - they ask you THREE TIMES if the offense is misgendering. Im convinced that those in charge were just covering up their buddies' pedophilia.

Twitter’s previous leadership were a disaster and why Twitter was in a position to be bought by Musk. I’m ok with having Trump on there, and Kanye, hell, even Vladimir Putin maybe. I have a right to speak back. Just get rid of the bots, child exploitation, click farms, and terrorist networking.

Those latter things seemed impossible to the old guard but great strides are made rather quickly under Musk.

This isn’t huge praise to Musk. Any one of us would have made that the first order of business and it probably would have been done even faster.

Musk doesn’t seem to grasp employment law very well, but maybe he does in knowing that whatever consequences he pays, they’re smaller than the benefits he gains by getting rid of people.

Musk is not a friend to women, but maybe just not being a pedophile TRA is enough to be much better for us, at least on Twitter. Which goes to show just how bad for women and children TRAs were.

Totally agree with your last paragraph. I'm no fan of him, but if this is what he prioritized in his first couple weeks in charge, I salute that. And how telling it is that they have been turning a blind eye for so long, when this could have been solved in a matter of weeks with less employees.

Musk is not a friend to women, but maybe just not being a pedophile TRA is enough to be much better for us, at least on Twitter. Which goes to show just how bad for women and children TRAs were.


Musk is pretty insane (doesn't he have dozens of children by surrogacy because he thinks his genes are so great?), but apparently, just having no sexual interest in children means he finds it more in his own financial interest to get rid of the pedos and child porn. (I don't believe for a moment that he is motivated by morals, sorry.)

Makes one wonder just how infested Twitter must have been with pedos before Musk bought it.

This is eye-opening. What a simply solution, yet Twitter refused to use it. You have to be a certain kind of human to try and roadblock reporting child sexual exploitation.

While I didn't know they had this technology, my go-to response to anyone is always report directly to law enforcement, whether it's local police, FBI, Interpol or your country's equivalent.

“Twitter's concrete steps to combat content containing CSE material were taken less than three weeks after Musk took over the platform. This is an extremely encouraging signal and demonstrates his commitment to solving the existing problem. In no time, Musk made possible what the old leadership had not done for ten years.

However, there is still a lot of work to be done. Solving an existing problem is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, and there are many pitfalls in this process. As someone who works intensively to combat the problem and has knowledge in this area, Eliza can give advice on how to clear CSE material on Twitter and hopes to share her knowledge with Musk. In addition, she believes that the technologies and AI that Tesla is developing can help solve the problem globally, and not just within the platform.”

So Musk explained to MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom and high profile New Atheist philosopher Sam Harris why he didn't let InfoWars shock jock Alex Jones back on the platform -- and his reasoning also gives an indication as to why he's cracking down on TRAs and CP. I feel bad for him now, and I don't know how the self-proclaimed liberals having a tantrum about his new policies can't.


My firstborn child died in my arms. I felt his last heartbeat. I have no mercy for anyone who would use the deaths of children for gain, politics or fame.

Wow. And then he lost another son to the TRA cult, and Tony/Erin Reed was sadistically gloating about it like the pornsick Bond-villain-minion he is.

If this is personal for him, then I think he's going to be extra driven in cleaning up the hellsite. I imagine he's familiar with the term child safeguarding as used in the U.K. Wish he would buy out Disney and give Buffalo Bob Iger the boot too.

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wow that thread is a trainwreck of "that's not free speech" and "why is trump allowed then?" and "shouldn't we ban pharmaceutical companies then?" and "better ban hair sniffer Biden!" and "they're killing your kids with COVID vaccines" and "well sandy hook WAS a hoax". Peak Twitter.

Guys the rules are simple when there is one guy who has final say. Don't break the law and don't piss off Elon and don't press the limits just in order to be angry when you get banned. Being committed to fostering an environment of freedom of expression is broader than free speech absolutist. Everyone sane I know of that has run a user generated content website has run into this issue because declaring you are for all free speech ALWAYS brings out the pedos who start posting technically legal lolicon and technically legal kids in swimsuit pictures. It's an ideal to strive for not a rigid set of parameters.

Astounding that it was such an easy fix that was completely ignored by Twitter's social warrior gatekeepers /sarc

Now they can do the other 99% of the internet

Twitter's CP report system was also pretty atrocious, too. It required you to copy the link of the offensive material and put it on a different page, instead of just reporting it straight on the tweet itself. It made me skip reporting some things because I wasn't about to copy some disgusting, illegal link to put on a different page.

I’m glad that Musk is addressing child exploitation and is allowing GC content.

I’m not glad to be getting tweets from every right-winger and 2020 election denier, as well as I have no idea why: Kimberly Guilfoyle and DJT Jr.

Why oh why does it have to be either or??

thankfully i hadn't even heard of the outrageous and blatant child exploitation hashtags on twitter, but now that i know about them, it doesn't surprise me in the slightest that all the Twitter higher ups were letting it run amok and instead focussing their energy on banning people for misgendering and acknowledging biological reality.

I have mixed feelings about Mr. Musk (what kind of last name is Musk, seriously) because apparently his whole reason for buying twitter and then sending it downhill is to avoid going to prison (and I think he's an asshole in gen) but on the other hand, he's unbanning feminists and allowing differing views (a-as long as it doesn't poke fun at him?) and doing good things like addressing the CP on the site. He's still doing other shit like letting Trump back on... I just hope if Twitter remains afloat, at least there will be other good things coming out of this even if it's among the bad.

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(what kind of last name is Musk, seriously)

Musk is a derivative of an old Dutch-Flemish family name. Elon Musk and his family are from South Africa. They are of Afrikaner, Anglo-Canadian, English, Swiss, and Dutch heritage

How would it keep him out of prison?

I guess since he became the owner/ has the previous staff fired/intends to have the site eventually shut down there won't be any complainants to take him to court.

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