Only last week, over five hundred years since the appearance of Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger’s witch-hunting classic Malleus Maleficarum, an LGBT staff network at the Ministry of Justice provided employees with further “little signals” to look out for. These included the use of phrases such as “adult human female” and “protecting women and girls”.

To the ignorant, such phrases may not sound particularly bad — indeed, they’re hardly “choke on my dick, bigot” — but that’s just what the witches want you to think. In fact, these phrases are worse than “choke on my dick, bigot” because they are examples of “transphobic coded language”. As Kramer and Sprenger put it, you can always trust witches to find “an easy and secret manner of vindicating themselves … All wickedness is but little to the wickedness of a woman”. Cunningly, I’ve disguised my violent tendencies by not killing anyone.

Don't forget being nice and only rolling your eyes afterward -- prime witch behavior there.

what a timely article! my doofus brother-in-law made a post yesterday about people on his friend's list that need to "educate" themselves about gender ideology. I think I'm gonna tag him when I share this 🤣

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Everyone knows it's that they never get between 2 mirrors 🙄 (sorry, couldn't resist, going to read the article now)

Edit - great article, thanks for sharing!

She writes so well! I can't wait to finally get her book (it's to be released in 2023).