First the Audi ad, now this. No way this is just a mistake. I feel we're being tested on what we as a society will tolerate

There was a federal document referencing child pornography in one of the photos. Why? Investigate that photographer's hard drives.

  1. Balenciaga chose to go into BDSM as fashion accessory.
  2. They then chose to combine a childrens toy with BDSM as an edgelord move. Fashion houses don't do this sort of thing without everyone knowing, okaying, and approving. It's a fashion house - they live and die by their fashion choices.
  3. Someone chose to hire actual children for this item. It crosses the line, so so much. It's obvious to any sane person.

I am wondering if some tech or prop intern was pissed off enough to sneak this in after they were asked to print random documents, as a judgement of the team, to ensure they all burn. I can't think of a rational explanation for them to do it on purpose otherwise. Nobody finds that edgy.

Those photos look like portraits of sexually abused children in the places they were abused in. That's it. That's what it looks like to me. And I am pretty sure that must have been the intention. The unhappy faces. The inappropriate teddy bears. It all fits.

The document is just the icing on the cake, and it certainly wasn't there by accident.

Did they think the scandal would give them publicity, or what?

Doubt this was anything to do with the photographer to be perfectly honest. Entire teams strategically plot every prop and item used in fashion house photographs. This was okayed by many, many people and planned probably 6 months plus in advance.

That anyone thought it was okay to expose kids to that filth, let alone take pictures with the purpose of distributing them widely and profiting off of them defies understanding. This was clearly the work of pedophiles and their sympathizers.

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This was clearly the work of pedophiles and their sympathizers.

I completely agree, the photos are extremely disturbing. Even the fact that it’s a child standing with this bondage teddy at a table where people are clearly drinking alcohol. So a young child alone in an adult setting with alcohol - so weird.

This has pedophilia written all over it. Totally unacceptable. They are constantly trying to blur the lines of childhood and adulthood and break down the “notion” of childhood.

Helen Joyce speaks really well about this and talks about how the trans agenda (whether they know it or not) has a massive part to play in this - they want to break the bond between parents and child and break down the fact that childhood is even a thing. They advocate for children being able to consent to medical care and surgeries…what will they say that they can’t consent to next…

I’m not suggesting that all TiPs are “in on this” obviously…so many of them are just teenagers themselves…just that there is something nefarious at play.

The photographer gives me huge red flags too, he had a project where he traveled the world taking pictures of children and their favorite toys. Combined with this atrocious ad, his hard drive should definitely be looked at. Unbelievable.

Hard agree. Most males know this sends up red flags and the fact that he is willing to be seen as a possible predator likely means something nefarious is driving him to get in close contact with kids despite.

God they're trying to deny this wasn't intentional? The kid even has matching shoes with the sex toy bear.

I cannot get over this one. It makes me sick to my stomach.

Pornsick pedophiles can't help but expose themselves. The internet has many faults but at least these waste of life degenerates are being dragged out into the sunlight where they will burn into ash.

They think we're fucking stupid and we can't read between the lines. I wanna know who is responsible for this pedophilic TRASH.

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Too late. Those were probably copied and saved to be shared and enjoyed later by many grateful BDSM and kiddie porn enthusiasts. I'm surprised that they didn't pull an Oota Booty and double down on their superior DIE virtues. We don't discriminate and neither should you!

Those bears aren't just "dressed in bondage outfits". The white bear has what looks like blackened/swollen/misaligned eyes from being beaten.

Sick people creating sick consumer products for the sick to buy and show off to their sick friends. Or give to their kids, FFS.

ETA: Do a search (or not, LOL) on their 2023 spring collection. Even "edited", it's still a fun romp of militaristic fetish/sci fi inspired high fashion worn by sexually ambiguous models. Lots of leather and menace. And toy bear bags. One bare chested model looked like a TiF, but it's hard to tell for certain in the moody lighting.

The white bear has what looks like blackened/swollen/misaligned eyes from being beaten.

I thought it was just the edgy "differently coloured eyes" thing, but you are right ... blackened eye makes sense.

There is no doubt that this was intended as portrayal of abused children. If it was art, used to raise consciousness, and just ... you know, set up a little differently, it might be tolerable, but it's using sexual abuse of children for marketing.

Probably this whole shit is marketed to men who are titillated by the portrayal of sexually abused children. (Just like lots and lots of fashion ads have beaten or dead women in them. It's targeted to disgusting men.)

Those photos set off all kinds of associations, none of them good. Teddy bears are supposed to be cute and comforting, FFS. Not mirror the bodily effects of a BDSM session. For a sub, don't forget. Doms walk away without a scratch.

In one of the photos from an article posted on here yesterday, there was a bruised looking human model wearing a white hoodie holding one of the bear bags. There was a pink bulge under one of the bear's eyes. It was on an angle to the camera and hard to see, but since it was pink it caught my eye and made me look closer. Immediately I thought of boxer's (and other's) faces after being beaten. There's a very standard swelling around the eye socket that has a bulging half moon shape. That bulging half moon shape. And of course bruising is a multi colored affair.

So I looked closely at the bear bag's eyes in today's post. Yep. More eye damage. Ew.

Context is everything. Form follows function. Presenting something disgusting to incite alarm can be appropriate and effective. Sadly there's a very active campaign from the self described virtuous and enlightened corners of human society to stop that alarm response to disgusting and inappropriate things. Someone's feelings may be hurt.

Photo shoots like that are planned down to the last detail. And take a long time to produce. So either they became desensitized and blinded by wallowing in it, or they weren't and didn't care. Outrageous content gets noticed. And the high fashion world has been awash in fetish for quite some time now. That's gotten so cliche, they really have to get creative for new content. This bunch took it a bit too far and got their hands slapped for it. Thankfully not everyone out there has a sub mentality that they want to see in a teddy bear. Yet.

I used to be all for pushing edgy stuff into normie boundaries but my taste for abyss fun and games has declined remarkably over the years. The jokes aren't funny anymore. Harnessed and battered looking teddy bears, even when made into bags for adults, are not edgy irony, that's sick fuck territory. Being innocently held by kids in a marketing campaign is even sicker fuck territory.