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So what I'm getting from this is that Kanye literally likes to fuck sneakers, the male execs did not care about his behavior until it became publicly fashionable to hate Kanye, and nobody seems to see the pattern that you can be literally as rich and famous as Kim Kardashian and still not escape the predation of men. What hope do the female candidates in his job interviews have.

As much as we all would love to solely blame Kanye, the undeniable truth is that the Adidas executive team and the board have been huge enablers.

Sounds like he’s been a problem for years and everyone just rolled with it. At least all the men did.

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Yes. Sadly it had to come to antisemitism before they cut ties with him. Overt sexual harassment and misogyny is nbd

There are no excuses that I personally allow for the bad behavior of any man. Unfortunately, being rich excuses or ignores bad behavior for many people.

Kanye’s behavior is inexcusable and the company that ignored it and allowed it to go on for so long is disgusting.