After charging him they bailed him back to his flat - within a stones throw of her and her sons and with a school at the bottom of the street. The police and CPS knew he’d had 24 previous convictions for child sex abuse, they bailed him back to the street his victims lived on and the street of a school.

They are culpable, not her

24 previous convictions?! Holy shit! These types of sexual predators don't stop until someone else stops them. They continue to abuse and destroy the lives of children and their families. That type of trauma never goes away. If destroys who you are as a person. We need much stricter penalties for sexual offenses, especially against children. Sex offenders should not be out in the public where they can re-offend. If the law won't protect children, then that doesn't leave much choice for parents.

24 convictions, and who knows how many more where the victims kept silent. Just imagine how many other children would have abused if she hadn’t stopped him. She’s a hero.

So this guy with 24 incidents of child sex abuse (that we know of) got to walk free in the same neighborhood as a school and his most recent victims. But some housewife who jokes about ugly TIMs on Kiwi Farms had the SWAT Team sent after her.

The UK police are a joke.

Mrs Sands was convicted of manslaughter on the basis of loss of control after an Old Bailey trial in 2015, and eventually jailed for seven and a half years after having her three-and-a-half-year sentence increased by the Court of Appeal.

What an outrageous miscarriage of justice. They utterly failed to protect her kids and when she was forced to take matters into her own hands they took her away from them. As if they hadn't suffered enough. And then on appeal decided to DOUBLE her sentence? Despicable.

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He gets to walk with 24 convictions, but she gets extra time. Tell me the law doesn't support rapists and pedophiles.

Yeah, I saw that, too, that they had doubled her sentence! Such a miscarriage of justice!

GOOD. She should have received awards and a full civil servant’s pension.

A society that doesn’t protect children doesn’t deserve to be called civilized.

Wow another sex offender who hid from consequences with a name change… also yeah, that mom should have been celebrated, not put in jail!!

Now THIS is a brave, heroic woman. And those who sentenced her, and those who subsequently increased her sentence, are the dregs of humanity. I don’t know how they can live with themselves.

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She should never have been imprisoned.

Kudos to her and her sons for continuing this fight.

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