I mean yeah, with every one of my exes I started out horny as fuck and then once I realized what pathetic lumps they were, my pussy dried up like the sahara desert.

If he is lazy and selfish around the house, he's lazy and selfish in bed. Mystery solved.

How many articles and discussions have to happen on this topic before men finally get the message? Women talk about it and talk about it and men just don't care. Much like actual children, now that I think about it.

Men don’t read or pay attention to these articles. Women write them and other women read them.

Men will not read anything by a woman. Men will not read anything about improving relationships or improving oneself to the benefit of others (sometimes they read books about getting what they want faster). Men will often not read at all either. When was the last time you encountered a male who had read a book of his own volition within the last 12 months? They don’t read.

My dad and my brother. But we're a family of scholars and nerds.

Many men know. But it's easier for them to have an unhappy wife who does all the housework while seeing sex workers on their lunch hour.

Others simply underestimate the time, tedium, and effort involved in housework, because of their ingrained blind spots to women's reality. They think taking the garbage out once a week is doing their part,

We conducted two studies with more than 1,000 women from around the world, in relationships with men. All our participants had children under the age of 12.

We asked the women to rate their agreement with statements like, “Sometimes I feel as though my partner is like an extra child I need to look after.” We also asked them about the division of household labour in their relationship, and their level of sexual desire for their partner.

We found consistent evidence that:

when women performed more household labour than their partner, they were more likely to perceive their partner as dependents (that is, the man-child phenomenon)

perceiving a partner as a dependent was associated with lower sexual desire for that partner.

When taken together, you could say women’s partners were taking on an unsexy role – that of a child.

And then many men top the entire thing off by whining for sex, again much like an actual child. The entire thing is like the perfect storm of bad.

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Maybe that's what's behind the current pedo push in society-- men are just too fucking lazy to pick up their laundry or do the dishes, they'd rather normalize pedophilia so that their wives won't have an excuse to not fuck them.

Interesting topic. But I stopped reading when they brought in the non binary and gender identity nonsense. Suddenly, their study with 1000 women probably just weren't all women at all. I am so tired of that shit.

So many men have the man-child syndrome, the majority of them in fact.

So many unhappy women out there just tolerating and sleeping with a man they feel no sexual attraction to.

Well, if you have to clean up after him, be his mommy/maid, you just might not feel like getting busy with him...the man child is not sexy.