Yes, as severely as rape
Yes, but less severely than rape


Coercion is one manifestation of rape, if you take rape to mean sexual acts that were lacking in freely given consent. I understand the need for precise language and believe it's beneficial to discuss the differing circumstances where someone is raped instead of treating it as monolithic (without diminishing it's severity in a given instance), but I still think this would qualify coercion as a type of rape, no?

I have an inkling that the reason society shies away from necessarily deeming coercion as rape, is that it would implicate the vast majority of men as rapists. And it's more comfortable to the average woman (and soothes the ego of the average man) to relegate rape to the domain of a select few deemed to have aberrant psychologies, instead of contending with the disquieting reality that most men have done something that logically amounts to rape.

I agree with you fully. I thought about wording the question differently to express that, but was worried some women who do view them separately would answer differently.