Reading what happens to these women is so painful. "Their orifices are deformed". I gave birth to a daughter. I had so many hopes and dreams for my little girl. I wanted her to be strong and brave. I can't fathom her being treated as less than human, just a body, instead of a soul with dreams and memories and pain and happiness. It's sick

I'm really happy to learn that there are German politicians who are against legalized prostitution. I hope they prevail. I was always a bit suspicious of Femen because of their men-friendly tactics, but it's good to know they are against the sex trade.

I'm surprised that someone who is against legalized prostitution is still in the Green Party, seeing as the party as such doesn't seem to have learned from such failures and jumped right onboard the transtrain.

But just like the German people (well, the women, in any case) are not all happy with the legalization of buying womens' bodies, I would have expected some politicians to be against it.