Of course the #coolgirls are in the comments saying "but it was funny!"

Use your brain, Becca, minors have to use tampons.

Those comments supporting Tampax look like astroturf to me... How many were written by actual women and how many were drafted by the same rapey creep who wrote the offending message in the first place? At the very least supportive commentators were mobilised.

A couple I clicked on were men saying they followed Tampax because of the tweet! One even had a bunch of Andrew Tate retweets. It's quite clear who finds the "joke" funny.

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They’re pathetic, too. That thing the funniest tweet ever? Hardly.

Agreed, such pick-me behaviour from the usual handmaidens & co.

Kaffael has an army of something like 70,000 bots and "followers" so thats part of it.

Seeing all those cool girls was disappointing as hell

Theyre always there, I just ignore them they’re not worth the effort. All I see is women looking for any mediocre scrap of male validation

Eh... they don't HAVE to use tampons. But they do sometimes use tampons, yes.

Friendly reminder that the Twitter account for Always (another feminine hygiene product company) joined in on the rapey tampon tweet. So add that to the boycott list

Why can't corporate accounts just stick to selling their damn products? I don't want corporations to be my Twitter friends. They're all trying to mimic the Wendy's Twitter account and they just cannot compete

Yup. Always has been my preferred brand for decades, but never again.

We’re done here.

It’s why I hate Twitter. Brands don’t need to be stating opinions all the time.

For years in my country using a tampon has been seen as a way lose your virginity (don't ask me why, a lot of people have outdated and sexist ideas here). And now Tampax gave them a way to say "you see!", argh. If I ever have to use tampons again, it will not be Tampax.

I'm in my mid 30s and live in America. And, when I was a teen, a depressing amount of girls still wondered if a tampon would take their virginity. This is a misconception a lot of girls with inadequate sex education have. And that stupid Tampax tweet VALIDATED that misconception that tampons are sex toys!

i remember tampax ads in teen mags in the 80s with "Will I still be a virgin?"

Even now some tampon pamphlets that come in the boxes with certain brands have a FAQ section aimed at young girls (along with an instruction on how to use, info about TSS, etc.), and that is still one of the questions, debunking the idea that you can "lose your 'virginity'" from an absorbent bundle of cotton. If Tampa themselves still have this on their pamphlet that come in the box after having just tweeted this, then that is an even bigger oof.

Exactly. I'm astounded that no one reviewed that tweet (obviously, no woman with a feminist perspective) and they sent it, just like that!

Is it a misconception? What is virginity? Can a tampon take away my imaginary friend? How can we define if something that doesn’t exist in the first place has ceased to exist?

Even when I was being fully brainwashed in evangelical woman-hating Christianity the note inside the tampon box saying it wouldn’t take your virginity made zero sense to me. Tampons can break the hymen, and that’s the (nonsense) “virginity test,” right? But oh it doesn’t count then. Virginity isn’t real. It’s completely unmeasurable and just another fake concept so men can believe their dicks have any significance beyond being a disappointment.

The hymen is never a complete seal. Certainly not in any female person who's visibly menstruating. Think about it.

Some men--and I've only encountered them online and have no idea how many there are--are angry at the existence of tampons because they believe women get pleasure from them. No kidding: They think it's a dildo, and they think it's not fair THEY can't walk around with a fleshlight attached to their dicks all day.

Ew.... Those men reveal themselves and their socialization at every step. They think all people are sex addicts as they are. It's appalling...

They aren't really sorry. Just covering their butts. This apology isn't remotely sincere.

Just like every apology a celebrity or a Twitter account vomit after someone complains.

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Yeah they can fuck off. Not buying Tampax ever again. They’ve been misogynistic for a while, including erasing the word woman from their website and packaging. They can stick with trying to make profit off the TiMs and their handmaidens, good luck.

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I actually started finding the Tweet funny when I clicked into the responses and realised how many men were severely aggravated by it.

I knew men were pathetic, but I had no idea they were so pathetic that their masculinity could be threatened by the branded Twitter account of a tampon company. The original Tweet was gross but I laughed my ass off at the thread.

That said, I think it's sort of like laughing at a TIM slapfight on r/mtf, the hilarity of the responses does not erase the grossness of the OP.

I, too, was amused with the subsequent infighting.

I was pleasantly surprised with all the GC banter

not enough. do better. Fire the men who put this out under your name.

Here's an idea: let's start a petition/campaign aimed at the parent company Proctor and Gamble. Make the object, ok we might forgive you IF you do (speculating here) the following: start funding sanitary products in schools in the developing world or at home) for poor girls who can't go to school when they are bleeding OR fund some research on truly reusable products that don't cost they earth. Answer the questions: how would they be washed, etc. and promote them. These products haven't advanced since the invention of the stick to your underpants ones and the plastic applicators, those things happened 30 years ago. Do some R&D ya bastards.

Other ideas?

The brand DAME has a reusable applicator, it came out in 2019 I think. I'm wondering how long it would take for other companies to copy them.

At what point did they realize that they wouldn’t survive on the patronage of pervy TIMs like Dillin Mulvaney and India Willoughby?

That maybe they shouldn't piss off the actual, you know , bleeders

Maybe if they had responded sooner, they wouldn't have the unintentional marketing slogan "Rape in a Box" to continue bleeding them of customers.

I wonder what caused this turn around? 🤔

I personally haven’t used their products in years but perhaps people were genuinely boycotting and switching to other brands. It would surely be too early for them to know that though?

Maybe they finally realized that women wouldn't buy their tampons if they marketed them as virginity stealing cotton dildos?

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