He wanted a half white son so he bought ovum from a poor woman from Russia and paid a poor woman from Cambodia to gestate it.

Designer babies are being bred and transferred to human livestock for incubation

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The trend of single men being buyers of children is absolutely scary. I've always held the idea that surrogacy is being used in human trafficking,beyond the fact it is a form of human trafficking(literally buying babies). I think the chances of designer babies being "made" for sick individuals is damn high.

Yep. Predators won't need to abduct children when they can simply buy them from an anonymous catalog. Or have them made to order.

I don’t doubt that there multiple rings that traffic surrogate babies from poor developing countries to different buyers around the globe without any legitimate records of birth.

That happens with the babies all the time sadly, especially in poorer countries. There are baby adopting rings, they kidnap the kids and then place them with families wanting kids, sketchy adoption agency type shit. The baby theft has been around for a while, in the sex slavery trade too . But this takes it up to designer children, very much a creepy sort of abuse. It's another level that I can't wrap my head around yet. There are some things I don't want to say on here but might be reasons really rich and shady people might do.

The trend of single men being buyers of children is absolutely scary.

Yes. And, sadly, it would not shock me if this was already happening. Especially in Ukraine (where both surrogacy and sex trafficking are endemic problems). A trafficker with money could easily set up a whole clinic just to farm surrogacy babies into the sex trade.

I am sure it started happening the moment surrogacy became a thing. To my knowledge, there is no screening of the buyers at all.

If a couple wants to adopt a child, legally, there's all sorts of hoops to jump through, they have to be able to provide for the child better than the average couple.

But, apparently, pretty much any idiot is allowed to foster a child (which is bonkers, as the child lives with those people and is at their mercy, whether adoption or fostering), and with surrogacy, it seems you only have to be able to pay.

The only thing that keeps pedos from ordering their custom-made victim directly from a surrogacy agency is the fact that they would have to raise the child themselves. But I am sure there's already an industry in place that rents out babies and children and lets the pedos pay for the service of keeping the children alive.

The way they talk about mixed babies is so gross. Like they're breeding different dogs to get cuter puppies

I'm mixed race and have a mixed kid. The way mixed children are talked about is so dehumanizing and weird. It drives me up the wall.

Also, these Chinese baby buyers never consider that the White genes might be strong enough to make the kid come out looking more White than Chinese. So the child will have to live with being visibly different in an extremely homogeneous and racist country. And they don't even have their birth parent to lean on like a kid born the old fashioned way typically would. They're subjecting the child to extra hardship purely for an aesthetic!

The child will be fawned over and worshipped for being part white.

Maybe they would have been in China if their rich buyers took them home. But these surrogate babies in the article who had to stay in Cambodia are getting grief for not looking Cambodian. Being part White isn't helping them there

I don't think the kids will face racist discrimination ... I rather think they'll be status objects. After all, it's a fashion, and more likely than not, everyone in the neighbourhood will know why the child looks white.

That doesn't mean they won't feel like outcasts, of course.

That’s exactly what this reminded me of, breeding horses for a desirable race winner. Except in this case a half-white child would probably be some trophy for him to flaunt.

Anyone else notice that the women were paid $9,000 and the agency charged $75,000 to $150,000?

So they address surrogacy as human trafficking. Good. So they blame, punish, imprison the poor women who became surrogates because of their poverty. Some of them gave birth chained to a bed. Charming.

Blame it on the women.

As usual.

The poor woman had to go into surrogacy because "her family was in debt" (what do you wanna bet it was actually her husband racking up debt?) and then after being arrested and forced to give birth in a military prison for less than 10% of the cost the baby buyer paid the agency, the government forces her to raise a child she's not genetically related to and never expected to raise, but she takes it in stride and does her best as a mom and loves the child as her own anyway. And then her husband leaves her because he doesn't want to raise what he views as another' man's baby. The conditions some women live in are just so beyond awful it really makes me sick

I'm glad I'm not the only one who read that. The women are punished enough forced to give birth chained up or on a dirty floor.

Then followed forever to make sure they don't give away the baby. But the government can't devote resources to build a better economy so women don't have to sell themselves to survive.

The entire idea that you can, in any way, "fairly compensate" a woman for carrying a pregnancy and giving birth is so fucking delusional.

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“Surrogacy means women are willing to sell babies and that counts as trafficking,”

And people are willing to buy them…

Haven’t heard it put like that before, very thought provoking.

It is really shitty to claim that "women are willing to sell babies" without considering the financial situation of those women.

Yup, like the use of the word “willing” there suggests that they’re open to sort of flippantly making that decision.

Also it is slightly suggestive that it’s their own baby they’re selling and not a surrogacy arrangement. As if women are being approached by people looking to buy their baby and they’re just like yeah sure I’ll sell it to you, how much?

All in all, it just feels extremely exploitative that this is mainly carried out now in developing countries where women may find themselves in a desperate situation - financial or otherwise.

No surrogacy, period. Possible exception, mother for daughter if possible or sister for sister. No money changes hands ever. Otherwise how is it that this is not buying a woman and selling a child? There's 7 billion plus people on the earth. Some people are infertile. That is very very sad in many cases, but it is a fact of embodied human life. I am sorry my sisters: I know how much you might want a baby & be unable. I was raised by my great Aunt, from the age of 3 months, who was such a woman. She was the best mother ever. The womb renting and baby selling door must be firmly shut & unfortunately that means that some very good people will not have genetic children. It's a trade off of suffering.

Chained to a military hospital bed in August 2018, Ms. Hun Daneth delivered a baby with soft brown hair, a pale complexion and the same wide eyes as his intended father. Another surrogate, Phay Sopha, gave birth sprawled on the cement floor of the military hospital, no midwife in sight.

Jesus Christ....

Quick reminder that right here in the USA, women felons are forced to give birth while chained to hospital beds.

And people say we don't need feminism anymore.

Quick reminder that right here in the USA, women felons are forced to give birth while chained to hospital beds.

And at least one that we know of has to do this after being impregnated by a man who was locked in a cell with her.

These women are also denied adequate pre and post natal care

Criminal. The lack of humanity, the way they treated her, it's just evil.

Anybody else tired of hearing about women’s ability to “give birth”? Yeah that’s like the last step. We MAKE all the people. Just us. Men do not participate.

This article is so heartbreaking on so many different levels I barely got through it. Disgusting disturbing industry run by and for entitled males at the extreme expense of women and sometimes new males who the women make as part of this.

It's just double speak, one second we can't do shit without men and sperm and the next It's all us. Whatever rhetoric makes it easier to blame women.

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