Stand by for a change in this rosy picture when data from households with lEsBiAnS with lAdY DiCkS are included...

Yeah. It is infuriating that mentally unstable male sexual predators get counted as "lesbians".

I would agree that child abuse is more likely much lower in dual women households. Just like I would agree it is much higher in households that have a step DAD or boyfriend.

But, I would really caution that if a child seems abused, even in a two woman household, it still should be reported. Remember that woman who killed her whole family after abusing them for years? Yeah. It’s much less likely but still… people do suck.

Don't worry. At DV shelters, we treat the person in front of us, not a statistic.

Why are you suggesting that people pointing out that lesbian couples have lower rates of abuse than either gay or heterosexual couples means abuse is not being reported? What a straw-woman. OF COURSE all abuse in any family should be reported.

Well I guess I wouldn’t want people to think it isn’t possible just because it’s not likely…? It’s not really a “straw woman” argument I don’t think.

This study is too small to really draw these conclusions.

Really? What about the Hart family?

Hart Family Murders

I can accept the abuse rates are much lower, but not zero.

Really? What about the Hart family?

As mentioned in the post title, the study is from 2011, while the Hart family murders took place in 2018, so it's safe to assume they weren't included in the study.

Right, I just don’t think the study is of much use to say much one way or the other regarding abuse.

Wow. Six adopted children; what were they thinking?

They were virtue signaling narcissists. The racism tied up in that case was horrendous. Those children should never have even been adopted out, they had an aunt that loved them so much and worked so hard to afford a big enough place for them. She let their mother watch them once when she couldn’t get child care and CPS yanked them away and adopted them to “nice white ladies” out of state who abused them terribly.

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This is awesome! :D This reminds me of when I heard a conservative Christian pastor say that he supported lesbians raising kids but not gay males... He said that while he believed heterosexual households were better ( which is not surprising since he is a conservative pastor after all ) he still believed that lesbians could do a good work because women have the gift of maternal instict which males simply don't have...

I would also agree with this. It probably makes me terribly biased/prejudiced.

I have a lot of icks about two gay men raising children even though I’m sure there are plenty of gay men who are not abusive in any way. But I do think it’s less than ideal.

I've heard stories about gay couples who adopt/look for surrogates because they're pedos. But then there's a really horrific story of abuse that came out about a kid who was taken from his uncle. The mother was a homeless addict and the uncle stepped in to rescue the kid but then at some point she got a boyfriend and demanded the kid back.. and they starved and beat the child to death. The kid loved his gay uncle and the parents were just deeply homophobic and hated the kid over it.

I guess what I'm saying is that overall I agree but circumstances are still important to consider.

How awful. Yes I agree circumstances should probably be considered.

Yeah, I know gay dads who at least from the outside seem like good parents, and since very few of them decide to have kids the ones who do are probably better than the average straight dude who accidentally got his gf pregnant, but I still wouldn't choose them to adopt my child if I got pregnant. Especially if it was a baby girl, it's ideal for the child to have a parent who can understand what they're going through.

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I have even more icks about two gay men raising children when the children are girls. Supposedly they wouldn't sexually abuse a girl because they're gay, but really, who knows? If they're good parents, they might be fine for boys, but it's way less than ideal for a girl to grow up without a mother.

Why is this being downvoted? Someone have an issue with concern for girls?

Weirdly I am the opposite…? I would think the likelihood of abuse rises if the children are male. This could be personal experience bias though.

Oh really?

That's about as unsurprising as men sexually assaulting women when given access to womens' spaces.

Most of the few women involved in child abuse cases were influenced by a man. Take the male out of the equation, and the abuse rate sinks to zero.

That's about to change as men are now being counted as "lesbians" when they say they are.

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Just in time before anyone had to do any explaining on why children are still allowed to grow up in hetero households, or even male only households, when it is so very clear and obvious who does the abusing.

My first thought is exactly the same as the other comments: Does this specify that these are female households?!

How sad that this would even need to be questioned. The statistics will not be the same if TIM households are included.