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This makes me livid. My partner is French and him and I often discuss the lax age of consent laws in France and the toleration of pedophilia and ephebophilia. I’d love if any French radfems could share their perspectives and experiences.

I am very confused by this story, but, it's still fucked up

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In 2018, protests over a case of a man in his late-20s having sex with an 11-year-old led to a change in the consent laws being proposed in France. However, the law was not passed after a report by the government said such a change would lead to "an assumption of guilt."

Say what? If there is a law, someone is accused of breaking it, it will mean there is an assumption of guilt? How is that different from any other law?

Is this just poorly translated or inaccurately summarized?

Or are they saying that this law will mean that men can’t sexually exploit children at all, even if they convince the children they want it which would be a bummer dude?

It seems under current law the judges didn’t have a choice to convict which is bad enough. But to the refusal to change the law is egregious.

And NO it’s not “culture”. The women protesting this are just as French as the powers that be. This is abusive men being in power.

I hope each of these bastards gets convicted of sexual abuse at least and gets the full 7 years.

To be honest, this shit occasionally happens everywhere. It’s not just France. I can’t think of one country that really gets it right regarding child and teen rape.

That’s literally why the law was opposed. The argument was that if you had a fixed legal age of consent all those lovely middle aged men having beautiful, empowering sex with twelve year olds would be law breakers by default because the law does not allow twelve year olds to have sex. And what a human rights travesty it would be for such right thinking men to be considered criminals as a starting assumption.

(Heavy sarcasm but that is the gist of the opposing arguments which won the day. Men have a right to rape children and not be considered criminals basically).

Right, that’s what I thought; if we make it illegal then men can’t legally do it, and we want to keep doing it with no consequences, have some himpathy!!!!

The wording of that felt like they were speaking to me condescendingly to cover the fact they were using circular logic to justify absolute horse shit. Like a modern art gallery sales rep when someone points out that the $7 million painting is just a stripe. And it was laser printed.

This is horrifying. How can anyone in their right mind rule that a 13 year old child is on equal ground with a 20 year old man, and can consent to sex?! It’s perverse.