I think it's just the dark side of sexuality, especially male sexuality. You see it in little boys, not just men - they taunt and harass the girls they like, because they want to feel dominant and make those girls see them as dominant.

I really don't think it will ever go away. It is how men express their sexuality when they don't believe they need to be better.

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"We actually need to take a step back and be like, 'Where is this floodgate coming from?' And actually it's changing the behaviours of men. It's getting them to understand what a healthy relationship is. It's getting them to understand what consent is,' she says."

Always the folly of getting these fuckers to understand and empathize with us. As if we just haven't explained it well enough or they don't know exactly what they're doing. Fuck that. Show them legal consequences. All of them. They'll smarten up in droves.

It's all a misunderstanding! Men don't know they're being mean! When we explain it to them in a way they understand they'll stop!

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I’ve always hated idea that men can’t figure out they’re being shitty. Like, I’m pretty sure they’re good at identifying shitty behaviour if it’s aimed at them… they all, every single one of them, know what they’re doing and they either don’t care or think we deserve it in their little twisted minds (and are too chicken shit to say so).

fabulous idea, seriously...make it illegal to send unsolicited dick pics, then follow through with criminal complaints. I'd love to see that debated in legislatures!

I think it can be depending on where you are. But they even kind of fucked it up.

In some places if an underage boy sends and underage girl a dick pick, they both get in trouble. Him for creating and sending CP and her for possessing it… it’s insane

her for possessing it

That is insane. "I stole a bike and dropped it off in their garage, so they are in possession of stolen property"

Isn't it already illegal? After all, it's not legal to go flash people at the park in many places, right? This is just the digital version of that after all.