They don’t want to save the “unborn”, they want to control women.

You can’t prohibit women from crossing state lines. It’s all still the same country.

Women on probation or parole don't have the right to travel, and they're also more likely to be in a position to be sexually assaulted and have to deal with an unwanted pregnancy (due to mixed sex halfway houses, poverty/poor neighborhoods or prostitution because they can't find enough income otherwise). I've seen some people in this forum brush off women in these circumstances as "deserving it for committing a crime" but I'd hope most have empathy for them. Women don't tend to commit violent crime and are often on probation for very minor drug possession. It fucking breaks my heart that so many are stuck in that situation. Let alone any women assaulted in jail or prison where they'd have absolutely no choice to have an incredibly dangerous pregnancy and birth with little medical care.

Even if they are horrible people who committed violent crimes, they are still entitled to the right to decide whether or not they want to carry a pregnancy to term

As it is prenatal care in prisons is atrocious. Arizona forces pregnant women to give birth months before they're due.

Like they care. Republicans really don't give a shit about what's actually constitutional. I'm not at all confident that the current SCOTUS will take women's side on this one. Or the side of constitutional rights, for that matter.

Exactly, and how quickly we forget that coverture laws are not that far back in our history at all. We were never included in all those lofty human rights in the bill when they wrote it.... These males don't think we deserve civil rights, constitutional rights, human rights, none of that, we are not really people in their eyes.

I think a lot of women, particularly in America, really don't get that men fucking hate us and don't want us to have any rights at all. Most women also don't understand that this is happening in large part because all of these systems were built by and for men, for their benefit, with women either outright excluded or at best an afterthought.

They are sadistic woman-hating evil and need to be brought to heel, their tyrannical d*ck cults dismantled and their adherents removed from ever holding political office... We do not even need to make Islam comparisons when right-wing xtians have been feverishly working blatantly evil plans for totalitarian theocracy for decades.

Agree 100%. We aren't going to accomplish anything by sitting around waiting for men to grow a fucking conscience.

What's next, women not allowed outside without a male guardian. They really are intent on going the full Taliban aren't they.

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Good luck, asshole. Women aren’t your slaves and we have freedom of movement. At least in the US.

Edit: So sorry women of Afghanistan 😔

This is further evidence of the balkanization of America. Travel restrictions between state lines will go all the way to the Supreme Court. Local courts may enforce travel restrictions anyways, in defiance. It starts under the guise of restricting abortion access, when really it's about much more. Once states can restrict a woman for medical care, the door is open for legislation restricting all manner of citizens for all manner of reasons. I truly believe this country is going to eventually splinter into smaller countries, some splits as dramatic as the Korean peninsula.

How are they going to know a woman is even pregnant? Are they going to repurpose all the truck weigh stations and require all cars to stop so any women of childbearing age in a car can be given pregnancy tests? Hello, Gilead!

I assume so.

This, coupled with the laws men are working on in Oklahoma and Arkansas to put women in prison for miscarriages, strikes me as the kind of escalation typical of men who find sexual enjoyment in women's suffering. Men really did get off on destroying Roe, so they're escalating hard now to maintain that sexual high. We really need to do something about the man problem.

That's crazy... they won't be able to "staff the borders" and test every woman at toll booths on every road going out from Indiana. How would they even enforce that. What are they thinking. How backward of them.

I doubt they're even thinking any of that through. Men are just horny about taking women's rights away and are trying to see what they can get away with. Like any man who successfully violates women's boundaries, they'll keep pushing until they're stopped.

It's also restricting interstate commerce, which is forbidden. There are plenty of Supreme Court cases about Federal interstate commerce (booooring). I'm not sure how they can join the right to travel to that, though.

When they started saying they were going to track women, I predicted we're going back to the Fugitive Slave Act of 1855. Basically bounty hunters of slaves, which were treated as livestock with no rights. Police departments literally grew out of fugitive slave patrols.

There are plenty of Supreme Court cases about Federal interstate commerce

not at all (booooring), this is the way we need to go. If we can't tackle the problem head on, get creative.