Kudos to the Wild Women Writing Club for taking a stand.

https://www.theguardian.com/books/2021/apr/07/womens-prize-condemns-online-attack-on-trans-nominee-torrey-peters-detransition-baby Kudos to the Wild Women Writing Club for taking a stand.


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for the next trans girl to be on this list

Of course he calls himself a fucking girl. Gross.

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The entire book is about how AGP he is so it's unsurprising. Still gross. It's disgusting they're all doubling down on this. How long until the women's prize and the fiction prize are both going to males?

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This is why I’ve stopped my monthly payment to The Guardian. Ugh. And Peters saying she hopes things are better for the “next trans girl”. Even worse than saying “trans woman”.

I keep hoping things will get better then something hideous like this happens.

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Ugh, people were complaining about this in the FFA (fail_fandomanon) book thread the other day and I had to just close the tab. They can say the worst, most untrue shit about EVIL TERFS and if we try to argue we'll just get instantly deleted by the mods. Heaven forbid somebody question womens' prizes going to men.

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hahaha oh ffa went a long way toward peaking me because I noticed how fucking weird they were about trans threads. Everything else, they'd discuss, but the most innocuous comments on this one subject would get shut down instantly. The funniest thing about it is that it seems to be an accidentally-female-only space, and their culture will be fucking ruined if men join. There was even a thread like 'what was it like to go through puberty' and they were all discussing their periods. I only ever lurk from time to time but the 'terfs' there are doing great work.

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OMG I hoped a fellow FFA-er would reply to me! I've been going there for yeeears and it's fucking insane how far they've veered into trans nonsense so quickly. I don't bother arguing since it'll just get deleted - the most you can get away with is saying you like JKR's books, LOL. And like you said, it's so hilarious that it's a female-only space (even if half of the posters there are "questioning" their gender and complaining about periods "as a transman!" I'd stop going but the books thread gets me a ton of good recs and there's nowhere else to discuss some of my small fandoms.

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Yeah, I was also hoping to find some ffa-ers on here! I was kinda toying with the idea of starting a terf-friendly fandomanon at one point since I think anon boards are better for letting people share their feelings freely. imo, gender-ideology excepted, ffa is one of the smarter places on the internet (I just can't handle it in large doses because I end up glued to it for hours and also people can be SO mean and I don't want it to rub off xD). So I had this funny experience a while back where I was like 'huh, a fandom space that seems to have a relatively high proportion of men but isn't stupid? People are actually literate here?' BUT THEN I realised all those 'men' were actually women. And I laughed SO hard. I always had my issues with it (every week they're predicting the death of ao3 and claiming Novik's code is about to collapse in on itself, yet to happen), but I've never felt embarrassed for them like I do over this subject...

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I appreciate the women who spoke out against this, but I'm getting the strong sense that this backlash is going to guarantee Peters a spot on the shortlist. I doubt they'll award him the final prize, but I also wouldn't be surprised if they did end up awarding it to him.

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If you have a twitter, I suggest picking the most obscene passages from Detransition Baby and quote them at the sponsors of the womens prize. Say hey, are you putting your name on this?

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Someone should do this. I'd love to know if they would stand by those passages.

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Peters’ publisher Serpent’s Tail subsequently offered free copies of Detransition, Baby to readers.

Goddamn I would not touch this free book with a 42 foot long pole.

“The prize is firmly opposed to any form of discrimination on the basis of race, age, sexuality, gender identity and all other protected characteristics

So they will let males win the prize so that they won't discriminate against sex, because it's a protected characteristic!

Can you imagine the uproar if women started burning it like TRA's do with our books.

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You know what, I don't even care that Peters is trans. Sure, this author should not be nominated in a women's category, but what really pisses me off is the despicable misogyny the book contains. Theoretically, a trans person could have written a nuanced work about womanhood. Biologically male authors have written powerful books with female characters before. It's not like it's unheard of. But instead, Peters chooses to focus on promoting disgusting sexualized violence, fetishizing rape and other misogynistic things. It makes it even worse that this is Peters' idea of what womanhood is.

I have seen bits of it and I agree that it was gross. There are men who have written such great female characters like Pratchett. He is a million times more worthy of a women's prize than this man.

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Reading the excerpts from this man's book I was reminded of the South Park where one of the kids writes a 'book' about poop and it winds up being a critically acclaimed best seller.