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When asked about how police culture and attitudes might contribute to poor outcomes for women, assistant commissioner Brian Codd said he acknowledged instances where victims had been treated poorly, but that these cases were not the common occurrences or representative of most police.

“I must say I find the notion that some commentators have suggested this is because of some deep-seated cultural misogyny to be incredibly inaccurate and quite frankly quite offensive,” Codd told Guardian Australia

"dont call me out on it, it hurts my feelings." This is misogyny, too, boys, when you don't think women have the right to be upset thay you treat them badly.

Codd, who heads the police domestic and family violence and vulnerable persons command, said poor outcomes in domestic violence cases could be the result of “compassion fatigue” given the volume of 107,000 annual domestic violence cases; and that police “cared very deeply” about protecting victims.

Unpopular opinion: if your compassion is so severely lessened for women that you write off victims of abuse as abusers themselves and shrug off any moral responibility, it's time to quit being a cop and go be something else.