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Why are these men doing this? What resources do they not have to allow women in? Their explanations are so vague. This really DOES NOT have to be an issue. It's like they're going out of their own way to make the point that they hate women.

A mosque should be a place of worship, not a God damn boy's club.

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I suppose the justification would be that males are required to come in for Friday prayer, but women are not. There are even Hadith that suggest that the best possible place for a woman to pray is in the darkest area of her own home (because, god forbid that a woman is visibly present in public). So being in a mosque is seen as unnecessary for a woman.

The whole religion is sexist as shit, there's even a verse that instructs husbands to beat their wives. I've been an ex-Muslim for nearly a decade and I don't plan on ever coming back.