The only times I shaved was when other people would see my leg hair. Now I will just show it off to society I guess. Gonna buy a capri jeans soon, can't wait to see te response of my sexist relatives who luckely live far away!

(Just wanted to post this out of excitement lol hope this can inspire some other women this summer!)

The only times I shaved was when other people would see my leg hair. Now I will just show it off to society I guess. Gonna buy a capri jeans soon, can't wait to see te response of my sexist relatives who luckely live far away! (Just wanted to post this out of excitement lol hope this can inspire some other women this summer!)


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I just bought "board short" swimsuit bottoms because I'm sick of my ass having to hang out to go swimming.

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I've been looking for "modest" swimwear, and a lot of it is just adding a skirt. I would kind of like those old school women's suits from like the 1920s....

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Check this site. She has capris, bike shorts, board shorts, and full suits, long sleeves

All UV protecting.

ETA- forgot link lol https://www.uvskinz.com/

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Thank you for the rec! I recently bought a swim bra from tomboy x bc I had a large coupon. I checked my size with a measuring tape and everything...and it's so fucking tight that it's basically a binder. Seems like the company is trying to sneakily bind women...

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OMG, this is exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks so much!

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I just grab a pair of yoga bottoms or something. I don't even remember if I hemmed it shorter. It collects a lot of sand sometimes, though. (At least I don't notice till I take them off)

I think this every time I'm at the beach. Why do even "modest" swimwear bottoms still manage to show the bottom of your ass hanging out for all to see? How did women get convinced we wanted to wear these things obviously designed by men to cater to the male gaze? I got running shorts, the kind with the underwear as part of it, and I just swim in those now. They work quite well. Never been happier with my unshaved bush, plus no butt cheeks!

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The self proclaimed, “lesbian bikini”! I end up wearing old sport shorts as bottoms over top of the swimsuit bottoms.

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I fully support you, I mostly don't shave as well now. Every woman existing with her natural bodyhair in public is bringing us one step closer to other women not feeling shame over their natural body

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You might not notice at first but you'll tolerate hot weather substantially better with body hair. It gives your sweat a lot more surface area for evaporative cooling.

You may not actually sweat less but it won't stick around for nearly as long.

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I noticed the same thing with armpit hair last summer, definitely recommend.

Yeah, I noticed it also helped mitigate smell, not gone but lesser. I tend to sweat pretty heavily anywhere above 68 deg. lol

Yep any sweat that is soaked up by the hair and then evaporates can't hang around on your skin long enough to be consumed by bacteria.

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It's always been beyond me how, since elementary school - yes, elementary school - some girls would wear trousers in a scorching summer day "because I haven't waxed my legs" / "because I have cellulite in my thighs" etc. Life's too short.

Especially because almost every single woman has cellulite, I've seen the most toned and skinny women with cellulite, because it's a feature of women's skin, not a malfunction or disease.

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It's just how we store fat for starvation times. It's ... What's that word ... normal.

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I graduated in Advertising almost 20 years ago, and a teacher said that in the 80’s and 90’s most panties ads (mostly just a bum shot) featured young male models, because the female bum has cellulite. And of course since it’s advertising and in the early 2000’s he followed with “so boys, if you’re getting excited over those pictures, it’s generally a dude ha ha you’re gay ha ha”. Same teacher also said that before photoshop, female photography for Playboy and the like required the woman’s thighs to be wrapped in cling film and then covered in powder for ease of image manipulation. So there you have it.

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Yep, last summer I didn't shave my legs or armpits, just kept them trimmed. The hair tickles my skin when it's too long lol!

I always hated how it made my skin feel: dry, prickly, and it still made me self-conscious because you can never remove the little nubs.

This year, everyone else can just deal with it. I want my girls to grow up knowing that body hair is natural and nothing to be ashamed of.

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Last summer I stopped shaving my legs - not having anyone seeing my bare legs at work during distance-education helped me stop caring. But I tell you, the wind through my hair and the halo of light around my hairy legs drove me crazy. I'm over it now and everyone can just fucking deal if they have a problem with it.

It seemed like a few swipes of the razor every other day wasn't that big of a deal, but day after day after day since I was 12 (!) vs. now I can see it has actually freed me up a lot of cumulative time from just one more stupid lady-chore.

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Nice. Me too. I've had two 'outings' in bathing suit or with shorts and unshaven legs and noone said anything. But my heart still races all the same. Crazy isnt it

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Kudos to you! I was just thinking about this last night. I used to wax my legs and stopped a few years ago. It is so ingrained for many of us to perform the rituals of femininity that include removing leg hair. It is hard to stop. I’m just not removing it anymore. Now, it’s capri time once again.

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Stopped shaving my legs last fall. So this is going to be the first summer where I show off my legs as they are. It's taken a lot of discipline not to start shaving again. I still find my hairy legs ugly, and I guess that's not going to change as beauty standards are not something you can just decide to ignore.

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It WILL change. I've had my body hair for a few years now, around 4-5? I LOVE it. I love the way it feels and I love the way it looks. It's totally possible to ignore those standards. I used to hate how it looks and couldn't look at my leg hair without feeling gross but now I look at them in the sun sometimes and just feel happy that they're there, protecting me. It's a part of my feminine body and a part of what makes me a woman, a human, a mammal even. It feels really good to embrace it. Define your own beautiful, mine is a feeling of being at home in my body and not at permanent odds.

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thank you for this - it's really nice to read. I've not shaved my legs for years now either, but I still struggle to look at them sometimes - without tights and underneath a knee-length skirt/dress, they sometimes jarr a little in the mirror. (My leg hair is pretty thick and dark.) There are some outfits it looks genuinely great with though! Especially with boots at the bottom! And there's no way I can go back to shaving now, being able to sit and idly ruffle the hairs is oddly soothing. I love the patterns it develops when I've not worn trousers for a day or two so they've not been squashed.

being able to sit and idly ruffle the hairs is oddly soothing.

Yes!! I love to idly ruffle and play with the hair on my body. A little gesture of self-love.

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That's great! I love the free flow of hair too. I get sad in winter because I'm always wearing tights and they're all messed up. I've found that getting out of my comfort zone and wearing shorts and skirts more despite my fears helped eventually because I just got used to the look of it, but of course the social response is still there. I've decided to look at it with humour because I see that some people are genuinely bothered by it and it makes me wonder if they don't have something better to worry about than some random hairy woman on the train. My leg hair is sooooo scary! Only kids ever ask me questions though. My favourite is when they get wide eyed and whisper something to their mothers, the mothers glance at me and then tell the kid to shut up. Makes my day!

I wish we lived in a world where it was more acceptable. Some 30 years ago in my country of origin, women were hairy as can be and there's plenty of album covers and celebrities of the time to attest to the fact. Maybe we'll see the trend start again. I hope so at least

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I did last summer. I am/was the same way. Mostly didn't shave except like beach trips. So once a year. Then for the rest of the summer my hair would be an okay length.(Okay, I didn't go to the beach last summer, but did wear shorts to work.)

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