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Good for the girl, of course, but I'm completely unsympathetic to the woman.

The law specifically considers whether that country punishes people for their religion, politics, or sexual orientation with the death penalty — which Saudi Arabia often does.

...which is completely orthogonal to the matter at hand. Her predicament had nothing to do with "religion, politics, or sexual orientation" or the death penalty. She was a (favored) slave in a slaveowning country. Her husband definitely kept other slaves.

Vierra had written about human rights in Saudi Arabia

PhD focused heavily on human rights

Is all US humanities scholarship so goddamn worthless it can't even prevent the scholar herself from surrendering herself into slavery?

expat friends

Racist journo is racist.

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Completely agree with this reading. She's a highly educated, financially independent American, and very aware of Saudi customs. She has freedom and independence, which poor women in Saudi are deprived, and she opted into servitude? Wah wah.