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which made her an illegal citizen in the country and therefore unable to leave.

Wait, what? Why don't they deport people with expired residency cards? I mean, I knew they loved slaves, but WHAT?

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From the article:

Vierra's ex-husband, Ghassan al-Haidari, had refused to renew her residency card — effectively making it illegal for her to be in the country and unable to travel abroad. Every non-Saudi living in the country, no matter the gender, needs a sponsor to ensure their continued residency.

I'm not from Saudi Arabia so I really do not know how that works exactly. I assume that--generally speaking--when you are in a country illegally, you may leave but you would be banned from re-entering (the ban would last months or years depending on the situation) and most likely will be required to pay a penalty fee before you leave.

The article is implying that you literally can't do anything if you're in the country illegally, which doesn't sound 100% right to me, even in the context of Saudi Arabia.