I love this. I'm part Korean, though I didn't grow up with much connection to the culture. Lately I have been discovering that some of my favorite hobbies, like foraging and man-hating, are common among Korean women, which feels kind of nice.😊

South Korean president Yoon Suk-yeol won the election in March 2022 with a message that blamed feminism for Korea’s low birth rate, and a promise to abolish the country’s Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.


Some 4B practitioners also were turned off by the movement’s focus on cisgender women to the exclusion of trans women; many of the online communities require verification with a photo ID attesting to the applicant’s sex, and Minji said that one of the feminist communities she joined asked her to submit a video of her Adam’s apple, ostensibly to ensure she wasn’t assigned male at birth.


Here's a group of women who are ostensibly highly aware that society is trying to use them as breeding stock, and some of them want to include trans-identified men??????????

I despair.