However one feels about Paris Hilton, this is important because it shows that no woman is immune from this shit. This teacher was brazen enough to hit on the underage daughter of a famous billionaire family. All her privileges weren't enough to keep this shit from happening to her. So just imagine how much worse it is for the peasants who don't have the wealth and family connections to fight back

This is why I've always been bothered by the criticism that "#MeToo was just focused around a bunch of rich women."

While, yes, we definitely need to pay attention to ALL women going through abuse of any kind,

  1. Why does their wealth automatically negate the abuse they faced?

  2. If you're rich, the man who abused you is also most likely just as if not richer than you. Meaning he has the means to harrass you even more so than the average man. Look at Kanye harassing Kim Kardashian. Or Harvey Weinstein hiring private intelligence agents.

What a lot of people mistake is that there's a HUGE difference between running in wealthy circles, and being wealthy yourself. Just because a woman might look wealthy, that doesn't mean she has control over said wealth.

I actually think rich women have it worse in the arenas of sexual abuse and beauty standarts, though they have it better in other areas. We all know how much cases of pedophilia there are in the top of the society...

I'm just going to point out that there are studies out there showing that low socioeconomic status increases the likelihood of girls being victims of sexual abuse.

I suspect rich girls mainly get abused by male family members (who have the power to sweep it under the carpet even if someone finds out - social workers never visit anyways), while poor girls have an added risk of abuse by random males.

Even if rich men are more likely to be pedos, if a poor woman tries out four or five men while she raises her daughter, it becomes increasingly likely that she meets a pedo, and in a poor household, lockable rooms are less likely. (Lockable rooms seem to be a factor, as I think I recall small living quarters also increasing the risk.)

Yeah absolutely not. This sort of comment really doesn't help the outside criticism that ovarit users are out of touch

Do you think I am part of the rich ones? I am absolutely not. Is just that if someone has to mantain high ass beauty standarts are mostly rich women. Have you ever seen them? They look so much better phisically than the average women. In regards to sexual assault the numbers are not there for me to prove, but old money families are not playing by the ethics or social standarts of general societies. In this kind of families women have a lot of offspring and are still send as commodities to marry and to continuate family wealth.

Girls need to be taught that adult me are attracted to adult woman. And what can happen physically if an adult man assaults you. I remember when I was 12ish and there was a girl in my class flexing that she had a 19-year-old boyfriend. I remember thinking that it was weird. But as a child, I never even considered that predators picked the weakest in the pack not the best one.

And the fact that her parents victim-blamed her for it and used it as the reason to send her to more abuse at that “troubled teen school” is horrific.

I went through something like this at the same age, with a middle school teacher no less. He is on the sex offender registry for life now after finally getting caught grooming a 12 year old. I sincerely hope that someone who went to her school can expose his identity; there’s no way she was his only victim.

I appreciate how older women are now seeing and sharing than something they thought was good as a child was not good.

I am not a memoir person. I especially find them annoying when they clearly were from a ghost writer. But I might pick this one up. I'm curious if she attributes her over sexualized behavior as a young adult to how she was over sexualized as a child. I wonder if she now is able to question her consent to her style as a young adult, considering the grooming she got as a child.

When I was a child, I was told older men wanting you was wrong, but I thought it was wrong in the sense of "don't pick your nose" (everyone does it, but don't let people know because it's just not spoken of).

I felt that I was consenting. I didn't understand how a "magical age" I reached meant that my "yes" was real or not.

Paris sharing her story, especially if she details how it was damaging long term and how it was not consensual, could be very helpful for next generations, especially considering that this isn't just some "old ugly lady" saying it. I often blew off such knowledge from "crones" as simply being bitter or jealous.

I'm not a fan of Paris Hilton, but I find the abuse she suffered as a girl and young woman quite unsettling. It goes to show you how deep the hatred of women and girls go, regardless of social class.

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She exploits women too. I’m not invalidating her struggle and suffering from her youth, but she had a surrogate for her child. She’s extremely selective in her care for women and only cares about issues affecting her personally. I don’t believe she should be the matyr or face of women’s rights and abuses like everyone is giving her.

We can dislike her as a person and still believe her and signal boost when she brings awareness to these problems.

I hate that Amber Heard is a TRA who exploited a surrogate and gave millions to the ACLU. But I will defend her when the Deppford wives try to paint her as Depp's abuser when it clearly isn't true.

Female solidarity is one thing, but the affect of promoting her causes her to become this pseudo-face of women’s rights and anti-abuse. Paris isn’t being accused of something untrue, she exploited a woman and dehumanized her. That’s not a step in the right direction for promoting awareness to women’s exploitation.

When I see her face, I see an underpaid woman going through the suffering of pregnancy.

Exactly my thought. I do like how she seems to use her money and voice to speak up for women, a bit. But then she turns around and uses an underprivileged woman as breeding stock because she doesn't want to "ruin" her sexy body for the male gaze. Just disappointing.

Paris Hilton is one of the celebrities whose existence I am vaguely aware of, but don't know anything detailed. I do think, though, that I read somewhere that she is 42. It might not be just about not ruining her body, but more about not being able to get pregnant.

Not that that excuses it.

I heard excerpts of her memoir on a podcast that touched on her struggles with getting pregnant. I do think this was moreso her reason for having a surrogate.

Privileged white woman, though, amiright?

"Every 8th grade girl is a treasure, like a priceless work of art, so you'd like to think that every 8th grade teacher will be like a security guard in an art gallery. He's not there to enjoy the beauty; he's there to protect it. He's there to enforce the rules, and Rule Number One is: DO. NOT. TOUCH. Keep your fingers, lips, and man bits off the masterpieces."

Fucking poetry

And then her parents punished her for being groomed by sending her to abusive boarding schools. A step up from the poor children who were sent to horrific catholic orphanages when they were SA’d by their own fathers, but not much of one.