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Goodbye Democratic Party
an enraged and disgusted black woman

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I left a couple months ago. Fuck 'em.

[–] proudcatlady -8 points (+7|-15)

So what, do you just not vote now?

I vote conservative while holding my nose because smaller government (which is what they promise but never do) means fewer men in power over me.

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Why vote for men who want to ban abortion? :(

Voting for republicans reinforces the patriarchy and directly puts male lawmakers in power over women’s and girls’ bodies.

[–] Tnetennba 15 points (+21|-6) Edited

Honey you just said you're prolife, don't pretend it's actually about small government. Small enough to fit in our wombs, more like.

I just can't trust women who would have preferred I stay tethered to my child molesting abusive ex boyfriend.