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I had a feeling the Democrats' next policy push after the planned removal of female sex-based rights in the nation would be to legalize the market that rents women as sexual commodities.

The Democrats, in my mind, are not electable.

The Republicans are bad but at least they know what a woman is.

[–] ellienoire 12 points (+21|-9) Edited

Republicans are pro-life. Without comprehensive sex ed, birth control, and abortion access our lives will be MARKEDLY worse. Can’t believe how many GQP shills are on this website, feels like an astroturf.

I will not cut off my nose to spite my face.

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I am not willing to give my vote to Democrats who won't recognize my sex or any of my rights on that basis. Plus, the total decriminalization of prostitution across the entirety of the US will bring about a large wave of sex trafficking. The U.S is a big market. That is a possibility of millions of women being raped on the daily by men who purchase them.

The tradeoff is terrible on both the Democrat and Republican sides. Don't call me a shill for having empathy for those trapped in prostitution.

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Yeah, this makes me feel slightly better for voting conservative. This is a serious problem that could hurt a LOT of people very quickly.

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Wrong analogy You must realise abortion laws impacts majority of women But Sex based rights impacts ALL women of EVERY AGE bracket

If one is suffering from 2 diseases and has option of curing either a fatal tumour or Spondylosis , one will definitely choose the former and save their life !!

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Uh, you completely reversed it. Pregnancy is the time sensitive event that has a huge chance of killing you.

You just very successfully argued against yourself...

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The two-party system is BOLLOCKS. And I say that as an American who has somehow become British from spending too much time on the radfem side of the internet.

[–] ellienoire 5 points (+5|-0)

I completely agree with this and it’s why I’m registered independent and have been since the day I turned 18. However, I WILL NOT vote for pro-life candidates.

[–] Tnetennba 5 points (+11|-6) Edited

They act like parties can't ever change, despite complaining about how much has changed.

If everyone leaves OFC it will stay this way. That's the lazy, cowardly way out. Feminists know this is going to require hard work, we can't sit around holding our noses while waiting for the perfect political party to magick into existence.

Edit: it blows my fucking mind that it's actually this difficult to get feminists to care about ABORTION.

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The Democrats can change if we show them we are willing to leave. They are taking the female vote for granted. Compare their outrage to legislation that keeps kids competing in single-sex sports versus their silence on more restrictive abortion laws.

They don't truly believe they have to advocate for us. They are not acting as our representatives.

As 50% of the population, we should have a lot of influence in politics but we don't. Let us show them what happens when a group of politicians declares us to be feelings inside a man's head (us and our rights to be immaterial). Let it have a material effect on the party. Maybe then, they will pay attention.

I think if enough of us switch to R, we can run OUR candidates as R and hopefully move to make them accept all of the women's rights we want.

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You'd have a better chance backing someone like Nader than ever getting the Rs to consider that. It's literally why their biggest voting bloc votes republican. They're single issue anti-choice voters.