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I'm convinced that almost no anti-choice male actually cares about the fetus.

From my experience, the anti-abortion men (with a few exceptions of hardcore religious people) are overall women-haters.

Their anti-abortion rants are linked to their claim that women are all super promiscuous, won't have any eggs after 30 (???), are going to be sorry they didn't marry an older man while she was young and had "sexual marketplace value" etc. It's all Manosphere crap that reflects how angry these men are that young girls aren't throwing themselves at them.

They don't actually want to be good fathers. They just want to make sure women are "barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen."

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They are woman haters to the extreme. It's why they're okay with abortion in the cases of rape or incest. To them, as long as the woman didn't have the audacity to enjoy consensual sex with a man, it's not necessary to be punished with an unwanted medical condition for being disobedient.