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I am worried her words are being taken out of context. Saying that she believes "sex work" should be decriminalized may just mean that she believes in the Nordic model (as do I). Although the terminology is off if so.

But I am also worried that I can no longer support this woman, since she is calling prostitution sex work and it's unclear if she thinks sex buyers and procurers ought to still be held responsible for their crimes (rape).

I am going to have to write her a letter. She has really confused me on what exactly her stance is. She seems very very second wave with her focus on economic policy-- I love her so much for working out reasonable policies that make sense and are feasible. She seems to really understand what it's like to experience sexism, and to understand how to talk about it. But she tweets all kinds of weird stuff about trans kids, and now this weird, vague statement.

I think she is just virtue signalling to build buzz for her book and potential 2024 run, but IDK. She is clearly not very savvy on social issues. She needs to stick to what she knows. I have given her so much money, but I am starting to regret it.