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They act like parties can't ever change, despite complaining about how much has changed.

If everyone leaves OFC it will stay this way. That's the lazy, cowardly way out. Feminists know this is going to require hard work, we can't sit around holding our noses while waiting for the perfect political party to magick into existence.

Edit: it blows my fucking mind that it's actually this difficult to get feminists to care about ABORTION.

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The Democrats can change if we show them we are willing to leave. They are taking the female vote for granted. Compare their outrage to legislation that keeps kids competing in single-sex sports versus their silence on more restrictive abortion laws.

They don't truly believe they have to advocate for us. They are not acting as our representatives.

As 50% of the population, we should have a lot of influence in politics but we don't. Let us show them what happens when a group of politicians declares us to be feelings inside a man's head (us and our rights to be immaterial). Let it have a material effect on the party. Maybe then, they will pay attention.