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I never understood the amount of support for her. She typifies libfems.

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When Warren was serious about economic issues as the bedrock of her politics I was a big fan. This is old but watching her predict the coming economic turmoil at the end of the W. Bush years.. she was smart, engaging and saw the writing on the wall. The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class, June 2007

Woke Liz, crying on stage over trans victims while ignoring and selling out women and girls? And now, throwing them to the wolves on prostitution as well? Hard pass. Nice while it lasted, I guess.

Same! I thought wow a woman who sees the economic problems we face. Ha! She's rich, she's elite, she makes those videos "have a beer with me" -- is that how she imagines the proles?

Lost to the Woke Cult. She's a good example of holding Luxury Beliefs.