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I am not willing to give my vote to Democrats who won't recognize my sex or any of my rights on that basis. Plus, the total decriminalization of prostitution across the entirety of the US will bring about a large wave of sex trafficking. The U.S is a big market. That is a possibility of millions of women being raped on the daily by men who purchase them.

The tradeoff is terrible on both the Democrat and Republican sides. Don't call me a shill for having empathy for those trapped in prostitution.

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Yeah, this makes me feel slightly better for voting conservative. This is a serious problem that could hurt a LOT of people very quickly.

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You feel better because you're anti-choice and would prefer we give birth to our rapists babies.

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This is a very reductive and intellectually dishonest take on someone being pro-life. There are legitimate reasons for being so that don’t involve hating women or thinking rapists deserve to have their genetic material passed on.

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Even though I did declare the Republicans to be better in this thread. It is still a conflict in my mind to vote or abstain. The Democrats, however, made themselves impossible to vote for.

The loss of sex-based rights hurts all women (166 million). And the decriminalization estimate (millions ~ 3.6 million) is from looking at the proportion of prostitution to the total population in Germany. However, I think the scale would be significantly worse in the United States. Given that we have greater poverty, smaller safety nets & social programs, more immigration and a tendency to have an exploitable patchwork of regulations between states.