I think they helped to start the rot and the ladette movement was the start of libfeminism, or rather sexism and self sexualisation packaged as women’s empowerment. They also helped normalise the idea that men could be modern and relatively sophisticated but still only see women as boobs.

"ladette movement" just reminded me of a woman in her early twenties I used to work with who used to talk constantly about being a feminist and would say things like "straight white men need to shut up for once" daily. Meanwhile her signature piece of jewellery was a Playboy bunny necklace. This kind of thing worked so quickly on a certain generation of women.

You just reminded me how popular the Playboy Bunny symbol was among my elementary school female friends--ick!

I was watching some YouTube thing which invited a bunch of female influencers or whoever they might be. They literally admit to being miserable with hook up culture and not having one steady boyfriend who commits to them and they to him but won’t stop doing it. When asked why they won’t just stick with their long term FWB if he’s the one they like rather than also sleeping with randos weekly they say it’s because it’s their ‘feminist freedom’. You can bet they don’t vote in every election, but they defend the ‘freedom’ to make themselves unhappy?

What’s going on? Sleeping around and going home crying about it to own the patriarchy. It’s bizarre. What happened to women with spirit and gumption? No wonder misogynists sneer at women as irrational and illogical if it’s these type of women who dominate their social media feeds (oh, and of course they’re armpit deep in gender ideology as well).

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I feel torn between feeling irritation with these kinds of women and and feeling really sorry for them. There are some incredibly intelligent women out there who should be promoted far beyond the mainstream feminists. Louise Perry is one. She talks about the ways in which the sexual revolution was a disaster for women's physical and mental wellbeing and serves to benefit male predilections (but ultimately fails in even making men happy because actually everyone misses out longterm when you strip sex of its true importance). She basically implores young women to stick to their female instincts and reject hookup culture altogether.

Another is Mary Harrington who says a few things I find less practically realistic but also says some very on-point stuff about how the liberal feminist movement was not a moral revolution at all but a technological one. I'm not doing her ideas any justice but she essentially describes how the pill and the culture that came with it did not so much free us from that aspect of female nature as it did open that nature up to the market, commodifying women's bodies in newly dark ways. Claiming that having babies has nothing inherently to do with being a woman might sound progressive in a postmodernism seminar, but when it collides with reality, it leads to contraception for profit, surrogacy and a libertarian reinvestment in prostitution and pornography. Modern feminism refuses to count these costs.