What point is he even trying to make?

It was an lgbTQ event, and they invited a male prostitute.

It was not the Paric City Hall that invited him, it was the people they allowed to use the premises, right?

So, the only thing he is advocating for is that they shouldn't let this group use the City Hall ever again. Which, yeah, I agree.

The event “La Nuit des Fiertés” was organized by MAG Jeunes LGBT+ collective, an association “by and for young LGBTI+ people aged 15 and 30” and took place at Paris City Hall.

I had a lot of eyebrow-raising moments in this, but the age range of this "LGBT youth" event is truly alarming. An event for 15 to 30 year olds? Sounds awfully suspicious to me.

FWIW 15 is the age of consent in France.

Wow, I did not know that. I appreciate the information. I'm still off-put by the idea of 30 year olds socializing with 15 year olds like this, but the context is interesting. Thanks!

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France has a long LONG history of older people (male and female, straight or gay) sexually initiating younger people of the appropriate sex and orientation. It sounds weird stated so baldly, and in some cases (not all) it is creepy or abusive, but it genuinely is a thing in their culture.

When a young person's first relationship follows that pattern, both parties understand that the relationship won't last more than a couple of years -- they don't expect to end up married; they understand that the older person is teaching the younger person how to love and be loved, and how to have sex. The younger person will then use that experience to move on to relationships with people their own age. And they may, of course, later become the older "teacher" of a younger person.

Sometimes, of course, they actually do end up married. Look at President Macron, who's 45 years old, and his wife, who's 69.

"Icy Diamond" --well doesn't he sound sweet. There is a lot to unpack in this article. That said, I think we should do a trade-in program. Since most TIM'S LOVE all types of sex and fetish stuff maybe they will be willing to take the place of a few women in the sex trade since they claim to be "better" at womaning than any woman. Maybe they can go fuck off to a males only brothel somewhere far away. We can just tell them it is a "woman's prison" for "validity".