This has been in the works for generations. It's not new its just coming to fruition and Democrats slept on it.

I read somewhere that drug manufacturers will kick against this. This has huge implications for pharmaceutical companies - if the FDA says the drug is safe and no data to the contrary exists then this will set an unwelcome precedent and greatly harm BigPharma’s commercial interests. Not to mention it could have knock on effects regarding further drug research and development. Women’s interests don’t matter, but perhaps the fact that corporate interests write the laws and policies they want will be the factor that saves the day in this instance.

I have never been more comforted by the thought of Big Pharma.

It’s a Sophie’s Choice for me. I will not vote for the GOP because of actions like this.

Then I look at the Dems and wonder where it all went wrong.

Women are already having trouble getting certain drugs for conditions unrelated to pregnancy, such as Crohn’s (methotrexate).

It is such a horrible time for women.

[–] istara 13 points Edited

I had terrible problems in Australia trying to access mifepristone for a missed miscarriage a decade ago, due to all the religious lobbying and bans. I had recurrent loss, with two previous D&Cs, and was paranoid about Asherman's syndrome (scarring) so wanted medical management for my third missed miscarriage.

I didn't want the older regimen, misoprostol + methrotrexate, since the latter is a chemotherapy drug and at the time the medical advice was to wait at least 6-12 months before conceiving after having it. Also, there is a higher chance of still needing surgical management with the older regimen. Mifepristone + misoprostol is much safer and more effective.

My hospital eventually rang another hospital which had managed to get a license. Unfortunately their licence only allowed it for live pregnancies, not already-dead ones like mine.

It was kafkaesque. I desperately wanted to have a child and preserve my fertility, but the religious lobby - in their mania to control women's fertility - had passed legislation that effectively jeopardised my fertility.

Literally at the eleventh hour - with my GP on my back worrying about potential infection - Marie Stopes got a licence and I went there. And I was fine. And I eventually conceived successfully and had a healthy child. But there was needless risk due to religious misogyny and ignorance.

This has to be stopped. It sets extremely dangerous precedent and will also cause immediate harm to many many women. 1-5% of pregnancies end in missed miscarriage.

My concern isn't so much the crazy people behind this, but the lack of willingness from allegedly normal and decent people to push back against it. When the laws become unjust and your institutions corrupt, your only real choice is to disobey them. But a lot of people seem unaware that they'll need to, much less prepared to do so.

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I wonder if there will ever come a time where women's bodies aren't constantly under attack. We all know this and birth control is the next step after criminalizing abortion, but I don't think the pharmaceutical industry will like this.

If Kacsmaryk approves the injunction – and all indications are that he will – the drug could become inaccessible nationwide, even in Democratic-controlled states where abortion is legal.

This worries me so deeply. It's hard to even imagine what to do if this happens.

Other drugs will be used instead. This is just the best one.

Yeah, I have no clue where we go from here. No one seems to have a plan or any willingness to fight this even though it's clearly bullshit.

There are some advocacy groups fighting it, but the general public seems so checked out.

Definitely. My post-menopausal aunt keeps telling me I'm crazy to worry about what happens next with this. Because we live in a blue state and are totally immune or something. I send her links to stories about what's happening and she literally ignores them. I suspect her inability to get pregnant means she feels safe checking out, but holy fuck she has three nieces capable of getting pregnant. I'm surrounded by a lot of misogynists (she's one of them) but it's still pretty disconcerting to see this level of self-centeredness in people.

We also have an exteme lack of strong leadership, which is a huge part of the problem. Biden has been completely useless throughout this shitshow, which certainly hasn't helped. His admin has been mealy mouthed and evasive about all of this, even though they have several options for countering it. It's pretty disgraceful.