Well that’s the trick isn’t it? The defense slut shames and degrades the woman. This happens in rape cases, divorces, custody cases, DV Cases, etc. Its traumatizing and its BS

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When dealing with the judicial system, the medical system, or HR in large organizations, there is a saying, “the process is the punishment.” That is, the victim must face severe, humiliating consequences, which serves to deter others from ever coming forward.

I haven’t heard that before, but it checks out. The process in and of itself is punishment. I’ll be using that from now on 😉

In rape cases, the victim is on trial, not the accused.

There needs to be a ban on investigating and asking about a victims' sex life, or making inferences to promiscuity.

It is absolutely irrelevant whether a victim was a virgin or whether she has sex with 1000 men a year, it has no bearing whatsoever on her consent to any individual sex act.

The ONLY exception should be if part of the prosecution's case is that a victim has no interest in a particular sex act, and there is evidence to support or refute, and the victim should be able to opt out of that part of the prosecutions' case so that this can be entirely avoided.