Haha, it's no wonder why we're all basically politically orphaned - the right wants to control our bodies and choices, the left our bodies and mind. Literal shit everywhere.

Fuck the left and the right

Agreed, the right want to enslave women and the left no longer knows the definition.

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Republicanism is a mental illness, i swear. An entire party mostly made up of low intelligence unhinged individuals with a burning hatred for anything female. Not that Democrats are much better anymore. They used to be.

The exemptions they include are a total scam by the way. They never grant any woman exemptions and there are no clinics for these women to go to! We will see if this actually succeeds. I wouldn't put it past them to actually pass something like this I'm just surprised they don't include women who have miscarriages in that list of murderers since it could be a "suspicious miscarriage" caused by some evil Jezebel intentionally trying to kill her baby

To men everywhere: say goodbye to sex outside of marriage.

I was just thinking the other day that even if I did want to get pregnant and have a child, I wouldn't do it in this current environment. Just the risk something going sideways and being at the mercy of these draconian laws, would be enough to deter me.

Women forgoing pregnancy is at this point a matter of survival. The upcoming abortion pill ban will have catastrophic effects for women who want to be pregnant (if something goes wrong or they need to induce labor). I know a lot of women really want children, and even I find it regrettable that I have to take that option off the table for myself entirely, but the life of an actual woman is more important than a hypothetical baby or child, I think.

Yeah. This will lead to sinking birth rates among the educated elite, likely.

Those who can get a visum for a (somewhat more) civilised country might go abroad for the duration of the pregnancy, but those who cannot?

Maternal mortality was bad enough in the US when abortion was still legal.

It's really scary. There are a few networks to help women obtain abortions across the country, but its for women who never intended to keep the child to begin with..a pregnant woman in a medical crisis would be totally screwed depending on where she lives. My state has one of the most restrictive bans in the country, no exceptions written into now and republican lawmakers are just now deliberating whether or not to make an exception for ectopic pregnancies because the doctors here are fed up. It's just...sadistic.

If women who have abortions are such horrible murderers that they deserve to die, why the fuck would you want them raising children? I swear no pro life person ever thinks of the children after they’ve actually been born. Their political value is gone once they’re born and become more hungry kids that Republicans don’t even want to give free lunch to.

They pretend to care about future children when really they are just enraged at women being free to do as they please. They want to outlaw all birth control, but they can only get sympathy for this view regarding abortion. The men who push this shit are always undesirable to women in general and they're mad they can't control us under the law any more than they already do. The other day a guy messaged me on a dating app just to ridicule me for several things including my pro-choice badge that this app features. He had to "like" me first just so that he could insult me.

Absolutely none of it makes any sense.

I increasingly come to the conclusion that most people who claim to believe in Jesus actually don't. Or perhaps they mistake their own dicks for Jesus, I don't know. (Wouldn't that be idolatry?)

For starters: If people have souls, and death is not the end, then why is abortion so bad in the first place? Wouldn't that be like someone dying in a videogame before they have achieved anything? Which means, they can easily start again? A baby dying is devastating for the mother, and perhaps for other relatives who were looking forward to the new family member, but the baby soul ... should logically be able to try again, right?

Catholics say it is because the unbaptized children go to hell. Evangelicals don't all baptize babies, though, for all I know? The infamous Chick tracts at least seemed to consider accepting Jesus the thing you must do (which means .. all babies who die before they can even understand the concept go to hell automatically? Sounds like something an all-loving god would do ... not)

Catholics could just make a law that fetuses must be baptized before abortion. (Though really, if they care so much, why don't they insist that all born children must be baptized? Babies can die of multiple causes after birth, and they all go to hell, but the Pope doesn't care, as long as they're out of the mother's body by then? Hmmm.)

And then there's the fact that Jewish law (something Jesus agreed with except in the cases where he explicitly said he didn't - and I am rather doubtful whether, e.g. he really wanted divorce to be outlawed - he just said it was not great) actually is pro-abortion in the cases where the mother's life is in danger, at least if I recall correctly.

(And clearly does not treat abortion as murder in any case - there's a prescribed punishment for a man who hits a woman and causes her to lose a pregnancy, and it is not the same punishment he would get for murder.)

So, to sum it up: There is not text passage in the Bible that says that abortion with the consent of the pregnant woman is wrong - the law only mentions abortion as result of male violence. It also does not follow logically that abortion would be wrong from other Christian teachings ("thou shalt not kill", arguably, but this one is the most disregarded teaching ever ... especially by anti-choicers, so they have no ground to stand on). There is no logical reason for them to be against abortion.

The only trend it really fits with is the overall trend towards misogyny.

So by saying that the Bible tells them to be anti-choice, all they are really saying that the Bible is misogynist and that they want to follow that misogynist intent instead of the letter (which says nothing against abortion)

Not a great look.

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Catholics say it is because the unbaptized children go to hell.

No, the theory used to be that they went to limbo, but since 2007 the Church said officially that they go to heaven.

Thanks for the correction, but ... in that case it makes ... even less sense.

My brain, it hurts. Why are religious people so illogical?

The only way to relieve the pain is to accept they're just misogynists. Then it all makes perfect sense.

I hope women in red states will be in open rebellion soon.

If a rail or trucker strike of only a few days would destroy the US economy, can you imagine the impact a general women's strike would have (as in not just no paid work, no housework, no cooking/meal prep, no childcare, no sex with men)? The country would implode in less than a week.

God I can only hope women develop class consciousness in a fucking hurry. It's a matter of life and death at this point (well, more so than it already was).

It has been done successfully before. Here are two examples.

What was the largest women's strike? the Uprising of the 20,000 On November 23, 1909, more than 20,000 Yiddish-speaking immigrants, mostly young women in their teens and early twenties, launched an eleven-week general strike in New York's shirtwaist industry. Dubbed the Uprising of the 20,000, it was the largest strike by women to date in American history. Icelandic women went on a general strike in 1975. https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-34602822

We need to do something along these lines.

So pro life they'll kill ya.

South Carolina women and girls, time to pack your bags.

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