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Ugh it's so disappointing to hear they had consultants and brand ambassadors from PornHub on this.

When I saw the documentary was released I thought it would be a great way for "normies" to be introduced to the whole PornHub underage videos scandal (at the very least).

This is like if McDonalds had to purge over 70% of their products in order to try not to get sued, and someone made a documentary about it with consultants from McDonalds.

So Netflix are just basically screening an ad and PR exercise for Pornhub?

You can’t have a real discussion about porn without looking at how classist and sexist it is. If it was so empowering, rich people would get their daughters into it instead of paying for Harvard Business School. Instead it is a industry built on poor women, more often than not with histories of sexual abuse.

Meghan Murphy has been on a crusade speaking out against current-day porn. And pointing to how porn is a major cause to the AGP trans shit.

I cancelled my Netflix account yesterday when I saw this. It was the last straw for me. I’m sick of porn being shoved into every Netflix series, and then continuing to try to normalize it with these kinds of “documentaries”.

Yes, I just watched that last night. It was basically trying to make you feel bad for the small percentage of porn creators who got paid when MindGeek got rid of all of the non-verified content on its platform. These same people were making bank off of nonconsensual uploads, much of which was CP. They kept saying how different they are because they are "verified," failing to acknowledge that their income was directly tied to the profits MindGeek made from advertising on CP/non-verified uploads.

But it was interesting to hear the backstory of how much traffic PornHub gets, how they became such a major player.

Edit: MM's review is spot on.

I also recently watched that and I was disturbed by the fact those content creators were defending pornhub. And of course the whole "sex work is work, it's empowering!" mantra.

The one creator mentioned how it would be hard to find another job not in the industry after being so public about it. Do these women not think about what will happen when they're no longer attractive enough or young enough to make money with sex "work"? They'll have to find something else then.

Mindgeek was just bought by Canadian private equity "Ethical Capital Partners". So they will take people's money on the basis of being "ethical" and promote the most violent, degrading porn on earth. It's a type of "greenwashing" where they tell investors that they are ethical, but aren't. The deception can lead to a fine by securities' regulators, but not sure it will apply to porn.