Wyoming American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) advocacy director Antonio Serrano criticised the bill, saying "a person's health, not politics, should guide important medical decisions - including the decision to have an abortion".

Even here the ACLU has to say 'a person's health' and not 'a woman's health', when of course only women need worry about pregnancy. 🙄

"Women" has become like a dirty word. It's so bizarre and sad.


Yet another place no woman should ever live.

Many of us do not have much of a choice, I hope others will be willing to fight for us—if not, these ideological viruses are going to continue expanding. In my opinion, this is the biggest threat—at least to western nations.

you're right.

Which is why I always advocate for daonating to WoLF. They are fighting this stuff in courts.

WoLF is actually working with the Alliance Defending Freedom, who are the ones suing to have abortion pills banned federally.

I don't trust anyone who works with groups that want women dead.

They won’t stop at red states.

You’re right. They are trying to halt medical abortions country wide even now.

Which is why (I repeat myself) I donate to WoLF. We need to fight this in courts, and legislatively. WoLF is our voice.

The last time they mentioned reproductive rights on their site was in September. What are they doing about that issue now? Because to me it seems like squat.

No it isn't. They're working with the people suing to end abortion medication access.