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Wow, this is huge news. I only hope some of this sanity comes to the USA soon.

Edit: I just read the judgment. The court ruled in favor of putting a 16 year old girl on testosterone. And gender stereotypes are half the reason why. I guess it's better than zero safeguarding, but the child has still had nothing but affirmation, no genuine therapy to address her dysphoria, and will now be put on irreversible hormones, so it's not like the court process actually benefited her.

Unfortunately and frustratingly, even the wins are small steps forward, when the damage is happening in leaps and bounds. But we must continue to fight for our rights and the rights of children. We will win this!

I should also add that this isn't just about the judgement. It is actually mainly about the fact that the State Solicitor's Office in Western Australia is exercising caution, and this is a direct result of consistent lobbying from a small and might group of women. We are chipping away. Now we have an opportunity to capitalise on this caution and make it a full end to the madness.

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I worry about how apathetic Australia can be. We are sleepwalking into this on America's heels. Small victories make me hopeful.

Agreed. But each day, more and more women and men start speaking up and more people start lobbying their politicians. We can do this. <3

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I’ve started reaching out to people around me about what is happening. A few friends started a discord so we can better organise and communicate with other Australians and New Zealanders. We absolutely can do it.

Fantastic! And you know about me now, too. My website has a contact form. I am on social media but obviously keep my name out of it on the CT site. I am in Australia.