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The problem is the onus is always on the girls. Society expects them to know better and do better, but they are absolutely drowning in media that relentlessly shows violent sex and domination. They think it's normal and therefore don't question it. Even if it makes them uncomfortable, they think it's because of themselves. Instead of teaching girls to "know better", teach the boys respect. Teach them not to rape or assault. Teach them about consent. FFS.

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I was with you til your last two sentences. Men and boys know what consent is, they just don't particularly give a fuck whether they get it or not. What boys need to have drilled into their thick skulls is the fact that women and girls are human beings.

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According to our research, one in three of those who have had sex have tried anal sex, and more than half of those have done so by the time they are 17. Some 23 per cent had it to avoid the need for contraception.

If I was a teenager and a guy asked for this, I'd tell him I'd let him have my ass right AFTER he let me fuck him with a comparable size strap on. You first, buddy.

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I actually did that with one of my first serious boyfriends. He only bothered asking for anal twice before he realized I wasn't giving up on the strap on idea. It works.

‘Finally, after months of being spat on, strangled, whipped, forced to provide oral and vaginal intercourse and more, I said I’d had enough,’ she says.

Spitting is assault. Forced to do anything is rape. So she had been assaulted and raped for months. This "boyfriend" belongs in PRISON.

Young men must be laughing at how easy it is to abuse young women in today's porn world.

One secondary school-aged boy told a girl: ‘If you give me (oral sex), I’ll give you a kiss.’

I'm beginning to think girls should to to girls-only schools.

Any guy who gets sexual arousal from CHOKING a woman or sticking his dick in her ass just has rapist, predator, serial killer written all over him if you ask me.

It pains me that women (girls!) continue to date men, have boyfriends, let men anywhere near them really. Guys have always been jerks for the most part, but this is a new level of awful.

Just stop saying "my boyfriend forced...." No. Your RAPIST forced you to.

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Spitting is assault.

And when anyone argues that it isn't, that it's fine, I just tell them to walk up to a police officer & spit on them - see what happens.

The awful thing that stood out to me in this article was the girl telling a member of school staff about her boyfriend abusing her and that member of staff didn’t follow safeguarding protocol and just said he’ll grow out of it, because yes abusive people always grow out of their abusivenes. Now I understand why there are situations like Rotherham because people who are supposed to protect the girls are not doing their job.

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teenage girl and children are clearly suffering from this porn fueled culture. How can liberal feminists just brush this off? and I am singling out libfems because we all know men or so called fathers and brothers don't give a fck

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I would love to know too. I literally cannot fathom harbouring this sort of contempt for young girls and other women. Are libfems actually just incredibly mind numbingly stupid?

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I’m so glad my daughter is a lesbian. Although I fear greatly that some TIM will abuse her in these ways.

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Grown women need to start filing police reports when violent shit happens to them. It needs to be publicized so that teenage girls will understand it's not right. If a man hits or strangles you during sex, call the police.

[–] linsin 5 points (+5|-0)

Yes. We also need to publicly shame and humiliate these men so as to warn other women.

This makes me just so depressed and angry beyond words. And ashamed at having watched porn when I was younger, thinking it was 'feminist.' How can we get the radical feminist message out to young girls?

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I think we just need to talk to as many other women and girls as we can. Word of mouth is our best weapon. I think just bringing up specific topics of interest to the women and girls you're talking to is best. If you've got nieces, or your friends have daughters, take them out on girls nights and spend time with them. If you don't have any young women or girls in your life, maybe consider volunteering somewhere that helps young people? Isn't there a "big sister" program still, or something similar? If men can go around getting jobs that give them access to vulnerable people to abuse, can't we go around getting those same jobs/roles to protect the vulberable? Even helping one girl could change countless lives depending on how big her social circle is. You never know what a girl can become given the right encouragement. 😁