That agrees with what I have seen. It is not an accident that the progressive left is pushing several trends which are at least controversial if not openly misogynistic: The idea that surrogacy is a good thing (fertility rights), the idea that sex work is a good career choice (without pointing out that roughly 100% of its customers have penises but most workers do not), the idea that women really like violence in sex, and the erasure of the name for the group which is going to suffer because of all the previous trends.

These trends are not yet mainstreamed, but they all have their homes on the left whether they also are supported by the right or not. So we simultaneously have the erasure of the female body and the ideas that selling that body in ways which please others in the society is the way to go.

I'm actually getting ads for surrogacy nowadays. It's pretty frightening how all of these things are just getting pushed like that :(

Men propagating the lie that “woman” is an identity that can be slipped into easier than a satin kimono, without any risk to the actual group it affects, should be indulged about as much as a fox in a hen house that says it’s vegetarian. These rights are not ours to give away, yet men’s voices are always the loudest because it affords us the opportunity to be showered with superficial ego-stroking, which is nothing more than fuel to the fire of patriarchy continuation.

Perfectly said.

This was a good read.

In recent years the Left has styled itself as the embodiment of progressive politics, where women are encouraged to engage in “sex work” in an attempt to “smash the patriarchy”, as well as opening up the category of “woman” to…well, anybody who wants to be one, really. It would only take a moment of critical thought and self-reflection to recognise that the rabid frothing of the Leftist commentariat on these issues is as far removed from the dismantling of power structures, such as patriarchy and capitalism, as it is possible to be.