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Wasn't his lawyer's best argument that he didn't need to go to prison because he was trapped in his own personal hell?

Is releasing a new TV show something people trapped in their own personal hell do?

Sorry, if you've already seen it. I was asked to move this article to this circle.

This was my original comment:

I'm just so frustrated that Cosby is uncancelled. He's an old guy too, he really doesn't need to do more shows. And consulting with people while still in prison. It feels a big FU to his victims and to all rape survivors kind of.

Then some users started pointing out the double standard. Women like Ellen DeGeneres, Roseanne Barr, Kathy Griffin, Gina Carrano have done far less and gotten worse consequences. u/ PaulaAlquist wrote: "But, hey, Cosby, Louis CK, walking shitstain Chris Brown, countless elite althetes with big contracts, etc etc etc etc etc etc are still be supported and PAID. I am sure Harvey Weinstein is still making $ from the backs of women."

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Yes, Ellen was just “not nice” and supposedly didn’t have a warm and fuzzy work environment?

I’m convinced she’s got an anxiety disorder of some sort and that’s part of why she is the way she is. The nervousness in her comedy was evident to me as a kid! (I’m not a fan of her comedy as I honestly can’t handle nervous people. This isn’t a slam on them. I have an anxiety disorder myself and am just sensitive to these vibes. It’s nothing personal.)