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I despise surrogacy. We don't allow organ donation to be a monetary transaction, (and organ donation saves lives!), yet it's ok to exploit poor women to allow the use of their bodies from gestation to egg donation (which has risks).

In practicality, I can't see that a law could restrict all surrogacy. A mother or a sister being a surrogate for a female relative may lower their health risk and is more likely to be altruistic. However, surrogacy between strangers should always, always be verboten.

Nobody has a 'right' to a child. That kind of thinking will endanger all kinds of exploitation of women and children.

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Surrogacy should never have been legal in any context but I'll accept limitations and safegaurding. The reason surrogacy was able to be legalized and promoted is because how highly emotional wanting a child is, wanting a child of your own is the most primal desire that there is.

Yet many these same people who want women's bodies on the free market are anti natalists (for the poor) and don't think motherhood is worth valuing (for the poor) and that women's bodies should be chopped up and separated from them entirely to be sold. Surrogacy is anti woman, just like prostitution and gender Idealogy is anti woman

Except it has the marketing strategy of crying adults (rich) saying "I just want a child, I just want to be a mother"

Being a parent is a privilege not a right and children should not be commodities bought and sold in the market place.