This is an account of our meeting last year with the Law Commissioners about their proposals for commercial-style surrogacy in the UK…

“…Susannah continued trying to explain her point of view. Professor Hopkins said he was late for his next meeting. The rest of us started gathering up our things. Professor Hopkins stood up. He said that the ‘surrogates’ they had spoken to would profoundly object to our description that the babies had been ripped from them.

But this is how some people born of surrogacy themselves describe it.

And of course this truth must be hidden if surrogacy is to thrive as an industry. The women renting their wombs have to be groomed and convinced that what they are doing is a GOOD THING, a NOBLE THING. They have to learn to deny all the evidence that their own body is giving them. They have to dissociate. Otherwise they couldn’t do it. We see something similar in the sex trade.”

They've nailed it--a woman is not worth much, compared to the infertile rich.