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The whole article is really good, but here are some notable excerpts:

[...] Most importantly, it is simply not true that Islam fails to treat women as sex objects. In fact, women are so sexualised within Islamic society that it is assumed that any private encounter between a woman and a man will be sexual. Women are thus assumed to have two functions, and these are sex and child-bearing.

[...] Muslim women claim to wear the headscarf, or other more voluminous covering, out of modesty. I suspect that, in fact, the veil is attractive to women because it subtly appeals to their vanity. Islam tells women that, no matter how plain, old or ill-favoured she is, the sight of her uncovered hair will be so stimulating, that any man who sees it will lose control of his passions. Thus, beneath her modest covering, a Muslim woman can imagine herself the most desirable creature possible.

[...] It is when woman's sexuality is not shrouded that it ceases to be an object of mystery and passion to men, and women have the greatest chance of being treated as more than sexual objects.

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Interesting article. Personally, I've never understood why some western women convert. I can't help but feel like they're being lied to and to tell them to run far, far away.

Although the concept of objectification came from the west, I always felt the forced niqab or burqa is a perfect example of objectification. Our differences as women are erased, silenced and made to look interchangeable. Muslims often make jokes (usually on tikitok) about losing their mom in a crowd full of niqabi women. That's a disturbing concept to me.

And the mad scramble to cover up in the presence of a man is very true. I used to hate walking down the stairs and seeing plumbers, electricians or other strange men in my home. Not because I hate these men, but now I have to cover up in my own home.