This devastating article examines the sex trafficking of women from Romania to the brothels of Western Europe & the effects on the women & Romanian society. Horrific.

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Such an important article. THANK YOU.

I grew up in the period of rampant trafficking of eastern European women to brothels in the West.

And I watched the spread of prostitution in my own country, and wealthier people's attempts to sanitize the reality of exploitation and violence through language games that erase the concept of the victim.

It has obviously been most devastating to poor women, in particular to Roma women.

Nordic Model Now is among the few organizations that speak the truth about the reality of prostitution, and I'm really grateful for your continued work.

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Utterly shameful! Apparently, most Romanian men don't give a rat's ass about the problems their women face. It saddens me greatly that this is the situation. Other women from poor countries are also heavily trafficked into the maw of the European prostitution "industry." My own "woke" Californian community cannot see this for what it is. If I share this article on Facebook, it won't even be seen by most of my "friends", because the algorithm won't show them content that contradicts the "woke" narrative. And the ones who do see it won't comment, because it might alienate other, "woke" friends, some of whom have made at least part of their living in the sex trade. I despair.

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It took my a while to read this. It's horrifying. The whitewashing of the "sex industry" has to end. This is a human rights crisis, and calling it genocide is reasonable. The lack of outcry is also horrifying.