Does anyone know good answers? Or is it better to just ignore it? That's what basically every girl I know does but tbh I'm hella fed up w that. Any ideas?

Does anyone know good answers? Or is it better to just ignore it? That's what basically every girl I know does but tbh I'm hella fed up w that. Any ideas?


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It hasn't happened to me, but I'd ignore it. If they put hands on me, that's a different story. I'm not afraid to throw a punch.

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Shoot them in the face.

Nah. Ignore mostly. They want your attention so not giving it is the best revenge. Plus unfortunately men sometimes get aggressive if you answer back.

Once some guy called out "how short is that skirt" and I as if possessed by a.witty person replied "not as short as your dick", which was fun.

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I usually ignored them. Now I’m too old and have children with me, so they mostly don’t bother.

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I just totally ignore them. What men fear the most is being invisible and irrelevant because deep down they know they are. For the most part we don’t need or want them for anything and that terrifies them.

You can also look at them like they’re ugly, which is also something men are mortally afraid of.

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Call their boss if you can, if they're doing it from a workplace. I've called the pub they were standing outside as well.

But otherwise, blank face, pretend you didn't hear or confused face, didn't understand.

Never tried it but a friend of a friend got out of being mugged by being very apologetic about not understanding "GIMME YOUR PURSE!!!" until they gave up. That could work, I guess?

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Might I suggest Maggie Estep

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no, i dont have anything against men

just stuuupid men

I miss the 90s

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me too, sis. I feel like we didn't know what we had until it was so far out of our hands. Still fighting, though.

I always quote those lines when there is a thread about man hating.

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Keep walking, don’t make eye contact, get a personal alarm in case some guy tries to put his hands on you

[–] PGTips4Lyfe -2 points (+1|-3)

How do personal alarms work better than screaming?

I've heard them before, they just sound like a super loud theft alarm. Bystanders are far less likely to help what they think is a thief, than a woman crying for help, no?

Besides can't they just grab it from you like nothing and fling it away?

[–] a-witch-a-broad 1 points (+2|-1)

I've been told I should scream "fire" because people ignore women screaming for help too much.

[–] PGTips4Lyfe -3 points (+0|-3) Edited

They're going to run away from you? You can scream "call 911" instead.

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I have never lived in a big city, so I haven't experienced it much personally myself, but my all-time favorite response to catcalling I've seen online is a girl who decided to screech like a dinosaur and it freaked the guy out. It's difficult because engaging at all is dangerous. If it wasn't dangerous I'd advocate for looking him up and down and making some pointed remarks about his appearance and then walking away.

Or the woman who had just left the dentist and was therefore able to spew blood all over her chin when told to smile :) as someone who has been catcalled leaving a hospital I deeply appreciate her anecdote.

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Sadly you really should just walk away because shit like this: (story below) could happen.

A friend of mine was walking back to her car the other day and some asshat catcalls her from his car saying “you should smile!” So she responded with “say something funny then” in hopes of shutting him up, but this man was so unhinged that he escalated it by replying “oh you want to see something funny then?!” proceeds to exit his car, fully exposes himself and proceeds to gyrate himself in the motion of a helicopter as she ran away.

I told her that was sexual assault and she should report it. So no, responding is NOT the best idea because they might take it as a challenge and put you in further danger.

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I get a good description of them visually, because you never know how much of a serial killer they are.

Next it really depends on the situation, but publicly I like to call attention to them and myself so they know if they ever were to push anything more on me I will make a scene and I will go down fighting.

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