[–] Hollyhock 56 points (+56|-0)

Between children? C'mon. This kind of language distortion is maddening. Children, almost all male, are sexually abusing other children, mostly females. JFC.

[–] visits_radio [OP] 41 points (+41|-0)

They mention it briefly in the article.

The figures show that the alleged perpetrator was aged ten or under in 10 per cent of the reported cases, with boys the alleged abusers around 90 per cent of the time.

[–] levitation 17 points (+17|-0)

maybe males are just inherently abusive because in cases like these it's almost always male children hurting or abusing girls, who are typically their age or younger. i experienced something similar as a child.

[–] darksunset 52 points (+52|-0) Edited

Yet you go to any forum where a concerned parent is asking what to do about catching their 8 year old watching hardcore gangbang videos or stepsister videos and everyone will tell them "Porn is normal, leave him alone" and "Teach him how to use incognito browsers". And these permanently damaged, deranged kids are sitting next to your kid in class, showing off the latest beastiality video they came across or preying on the vulnerable 8 year old girl next to him. Or his baby sister.

[–] starsstorm 19 points (+19|-0)

I said this was happening to girls on spinster months ago and was told I was exaggerating the problem and got blocked by a few women.

[–] Boudicaea 11 points (+11|-0)

Wow that place must have really gone downhill.

[–] starsstorm 1 points (+1|-0)

I just assumed the ones that blocked me are either in complete disbelief about the idea that young kids are accessing porn and parents are being told it’s normal and healthy or they are very male adjacent (maybe have young boys in their lives). I’ve also been accused of being a man hater despite having a nigel 🤷🏼‍♀️

[–] sapphicafemme 7 points (+7|-0)

And it’s crazy because in the UK alone, schools are having widespread issues with male students pressuring girls into sending them nude pictures or sending them to girls without their consent. Like these things are in the media, well researched, and we all know the patriarchy doesn’t start when boys hit 18 so why is it so hard to believe that male children and teenagers can be just as deranged and predatory as adults?

[–] starsstorm 1 points (+1|-0)

I’m not sure. My nephews are five and both my brother and sister are already being vigilant about social media and internet use because they’ve heard horror stories about young boys finding porn at 6 and 7.

[–] Totoro 2 points (+2|-0)

Absolutely disgusting and disturbing how much it's normalized. Even if most porn wasn't so unbelievably violent and misogynistic, let's say it was all verified, consenting, and wholesome, children should not be watching it holy shit why is this a thing I need to be typing out right now. Even if it wasn't damaging for adults to watch, that doesn't make it inherently okay for children!! Hey, you like to have a drink after work? Why not let your kid have some?? It's ok for you, why not children??? Who cares about their developing minds and morality, it makes me feel good so it can't be bad!!

[–] OatsNeckties 20 points (+20|-0)

I've been a teacher for nearly twenty years and I've seen a major uptick in sexual harassment and sexualised behaviour amongst younger and younger children, especially since 2019.

Yes, porn has to be involved but my gut feeling is that TikTok and other social media curated feeds weaponise middle schoolers' natural curiosity about sex and relationships into a rabbit hole of the worst the internet can offer of adult sexuality. Add in groomer platforms like Reddit and discord, young people don't stand a chance.

They've all been stuck online for two years and now they're acting out the abuse they've witnessed.

[–] hypatia 17 points (+17|-0)




[–] OneStarWolf 6 points (+6|-0)

Yep, it’s easier than ever for kids to find it through social media. Don’t even need to go to some hardcore skeevy porn site, just check Reddit! Even Twitter and TikTok host porn accounts.

Again, don’t let kids have unregulated internet access. Block social media from them entirely. I know so many parents that have zero clue as to what their kid is doing online and that have no security or safety measures. It’s terrible what’s happening to some of these kids through online grooming and gender woo influencers.

[–] Fpccgc 12 points (+12|-0) Edited

When I was child I engaged in sexual abuse with other children. With one them, whenever I see him, he makes jokes and laughs about it, but as an adult I cringe, realize how disturbing it was, and realize that we were acting out abuse that was done to us.

[–] Julie92845 0 points (+0|-0)

whenever I see him, he makes jokes and laughs about it

I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s bothered by it and laughs as a defense mechanism.

[–] Fpccgc 0 points (+0|-0)

I think is that he is too shallow to think about how disturbing it was. If he took a minute to think about it, he would not laugh.

[–] InfiniteGames 8 points (+8|-0)

Children who are sexually abused have long been known to enter what's called a "promiscuous" phase.

It is crucial** to determine which behaviors are coerced, and which are committed as play, or we will damage kids even more.

[–] winterghost 7 points (+7|-0)

i follow a psychologist on twitter who specializes in sexual education and the man keeps on posting the most disturbing stats about how young kids are getting into watching porn. it's bleak, and most parents don't know how bad it actually is