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That looks like it will hurt to watch, but also needs to be seen.

I HATE that the article ended with the “not all men” disclaimer. If it’s not all of these (rockstar) men, then tell us exactly which ones didn’t prey on these girls, because I’m betting the list is pretty short.

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I didn’t read it that way. I saw it as a pre-emotive strike agains the “not all men”. The author said it was always some, and more men than we think.

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Oh I know. I read it as preemptive too. I just get really annoyed that we need to coddle men’s feelings even when discussing the violent and predatory ones.

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Yeah, I think people get up in arms about “not all men” when a lot of women are just clarifying that yes, we know it nOtALlMeN already, we’re not stupid, please move on and deal with the content and skip the knee jerk

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It’s weird how in almost all other contexts when you say ‘x does y’ people will understand that there are exceptions and it’s perfectly idiomatic use of language. ‘Boyle’s law says that a gas will act in a certain way in certain conditions’ yet even those doing school chemistry know that not many gases actually conform precisely. It’s still a useful principle or generalisation. Or you can have a news headline that says ‘drivers left fuming by increased petrol tax’ and nobody is remotely surprised to discover that 100% of drivers are not in fact enraged. But when it comes to talking about men’s behaviour we’re supposed to always caveat with NAMALT and put up with absurd accusations of misandry for noticing the misdeeds of men as a sex class. We know all men aren’t like that but enough are that it has an effect on pretty much all women. I can name lovely men and horrible women but that doesn’t change an overall reality.

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It's crazy we have to do that, especially since "not all men" started in response to #metoo, by pathetic losers who felt called out and knew they were rapists(no other reason to take it so personal, but from the stats it really is almost all men, with like 10% being okay).

Wow, very insightful read.

Everyday, I hear more and more male musicians come out for horrendous actions they've committed in the past, it and it really makes you wonder if we'll ever try to condone it fully as a society, or just forget it the sake of art, a-la Roman Polanski style.

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Honestly I'll be surprised if anything happens to old rockstars. These stories get recycled every so often but I don't sense any real public desire, even amongst progressives, to go after them. I think there's still a prevailing mindset that if you were a groupie you knew what you were getting into. Even the underage ones. Famous rockers are like a sacred caste - safety in numbers because they were almost all doing it and people just don't want to have an entire music genre of their youth cancelled or 'spoilt'.

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I think it's interesting you see so many men who are praised for being GNC on these lists. Bowie and Prince are the most notable.

Just goes to show men can be as GNC in style as they want, most of them are still out there acting like men when it comes to hurting women and girls.