There truly is no bottom to male degeneracy. They are sub human. Imagine doing this to another human being. Sick stuff. I have nothing nice to say. 😑

I am in such a bad mood today after reading this story and reading sex tourist reviews. They are truly disgusting and I don't feel guilty anymore for not being happy to be alive. This world is ruled by PIGS.

Want to know how much men despise us? Read sex tourism message boards.

While trying to learn more about the case I came across a sex tourism forum where the men jokingly talked about their Moroccan 'adventures' and gossipped about their buddy's whereabouts. This led me to even more sex tourism forums, some even based in my country, where they call women "chicas" because we speak Spanish as if we were objects or a dish to try out. One of them said that women are insufferable long term, and that "if we didn't have pussies there'd be a bounty on us." Another said "I hate girls, but I love fucking them." It was quite shocking to read those messages, but it really brings home the point that many men don't see us as human. If you have a handmaiden friend, show them those links. Maybe that way they'll understand that men are not their friends.


Some of the comments:

"I doubt seriously that Philippe S. meant for any harm to come to these ladies. Give the guy a break. He did nothing that hundreds of other guys on this board and others didn't do and continue to do."

"Its a good thing I copied all of those pictures on my hard drive before they all got deleted. They are nice for me to have on file. Maybe I might upload them in a year or so, jsut as a reminder of PS's exploits. Feel bad for those Morrocan women though."

Feel bad for those Morrocan women though.

No they don’t. They never feel sorry for any women they hurt!!!

"Servaty said in an interview that he was a sex addict and apologized for his actions."

Being a sex addict is one thing... Which in no case involves exploiting the desperation of human beings by sexually degrading them and then destroying their lives because it gives you a boner. That's sociopathy.

I wish we could make him experience what he inflicted.

both he and his wife received death threats.

And her role in the crimes was what, exactly?

Every day I think men can't get worse... they prove me wrong.

Servaty said in an interview that he was a sex addict and apologized for his actions.

K, that'll really help the women he abused.

I was really wondering what has happened to him since then, but it seems like there is no article about him at all since 2013, not even in Dutch or French. It is suggested that he is in hiding because of the bounty. I could find articles however that claim that he probably has done the same kind of thing with women in Cameroon, Ghana and the Dominican Republic. Absolutely horrible.