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The irony is that radical feminism has often run counter to the mainstream left on this precisely because it regards female oppression as cross-cultural. Intimate partner killings, female genital mutilation or forced marriage: it’s all patriarchal violence at the hands of men, a universal female experience.

I feel like I must be dreaming

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I am amazed that The Guardian published this.

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The Guardian on Sunday is the Observer (a sister publication) and has a different editorial team, with far less influence from America. If you see anything GC in the Guardian, check what day it's been published on - it's very likely gonna be a Sunday.

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Like my sisters always says: Men don't have to do anything to strip our rights away and set us back ... they just have to sit and wait until we turn on each other and destroy our causes ourselves.

A rather well-known actress from my country said something similar as well a few months back. She talked about how there is no solidarity between women, that men destroy our safe spaces ... she was spot-on about a lot of things. While reading that interview I wondered if she is a "TERF".

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Like my sisters always says: Men don't have to do anything to strip our rights away and set us back ... they just have to sit and wait until we turn on each other and destroy our causes ourselves.

I agree with your sister. It's not always a popular opinion in radfem circles, because some women see it as "dumping on other women" (instead of men), but I just can't help but think: How much could we achieve as women - as a class - if we at least stuck together? If at least all women agreed that we are just as "worthy" as men? Incredibly enough, that's not even a thing all women can agree on. And women who don't agree with that, often don't stick to not supporting feminist causes, but actually work actively against them.

Internalized misogyny is 'one hell of a drug'.

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A lot of it is also that some women prioritize the men in their lives (sons, husbands, fathers...) over other women to the point that they cannot separate "Men" from "Men I love".

Men, OTOH, aren't socialized that way. They are socialized with "pack" mentality, through sports, clubs, roughhousing...etc. They either don't make exceptions for the women in their lives, or don't THINK to make exceptions for the women in their lives. They stick together. Period.

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How much could we achieve as women - as a class - if we at least stuck together? If at least all women agreed that we are just as "worthy" as men?

A lot that’s why the patriarchy conditions women to hate on each other instead of men.

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Yes, painting white women as the devil no matter what they do, say or think is an effective way to deflect from patriarchy.

Unhappy women are coming out in the millions to march for their rights? Say it’s “too white” and see how quickly it crumbles.

Unhappy that people are talking about male violence and police complacency? Say that people caring about a white women being killed is “missing white women syndrome” and see how fast the narrative changes to how privileged murdered white women are.

Unhappy that women aren’t welcoming of men who like dresses in their toilets, sports, prisons and refuges? Say that resistance to anything transwomen want is white feminists using their obvious privilege to hurt the most vulnerable people in existence.

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FWIW, I saw an interesting comment on FDS a few days ago, which suggested that "missing white woman" syndrome isn't a symptom of racism, it's a symptom of misogyny. Basically, young, attractive white women, especially blondes , are highly fetishized by many different subcategories of men, so the heavy reporting of their murders/disappearances isn't because they're so valued, it's because so many men enjoy reading about women like that "getting what they deserve". It's an interesting and very black pilled speculation.

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That’s an interesting take too. I do think there’s a large number of men who enjoy seeing women they find attractive punished.

I agree that it’s a symptom of misogyny rather than racism too. People don’t say “missing white women syndrome” because they care more about missing women of colour. They say it to deflect from the real problem - men.

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I grew up with one of those men. His parents and mine were friends, so sometimes we were forced into social situations together and I couldn't stand how hateful he was toward women. Mean about his teachers, other girls in school, to an extreme most psychos try to hide in mixed company. Much later in life after we'd grown up and gone in different directions, he friended me on facebook. He published a disgusting misogynist joke about a woman whose husband had murdered her by pushing her off a cliff so I quickly unfriended him again. He couldn't believe it and kept trying to get me to be his friend again. Fortunately he lost interest. It was early facebook and I don't even know if I had the power to block him, but I ignored the crap out of him. Haven't thought about him until this minute.

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I actually think the whole thing is very exploitive. A lot of people profit off of a pretty missing blond white women, it gets ratings, people write books and movies about it. The woman becomes a character or even a prop, and usually her personal life is mined for everyone to see.

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Omg. This is it, perfectly summed up.

And the opposite is also true - white women back off of BIPOC (i hate that acronym) issues because we are told to sit down and shut up, and then we "don't care about minorities because our privilege allows it."

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Even ex Muslim women who spent half their lives forced to dress a certain way get told off - often by white men - for daring to have an opinion on hijabs.

I think it all boils down to: we women are wrong no matter what we do. And if men do bad things, that’s our fault too.

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Not only this: white feminism critiques strengthen patriarchal forces by falling into the trap of the privilege Olympics.

This is the entire point. TRA's/MRA's are dividing women up, on purpose, with these "white women" attacks to keep us from succeeding. You literally have to ignore their garbage instead of turning on each other.

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It does seem that Rafia Zakaria can't offer any solutions as to what white women should do. It seems she just wants them to shut up and not exist. I wonder if she will get drunk and go on a Twitter rampage against Sonia Sodha today as she did against Joan Smith?

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The anti-Karen movement of 2018-2020 delivered punches at 60+ yo white women for the assholery of 45 yo white women.

And imo the relevance here is that it’s the older group that was the first generation of white women in 300 years, in the US, to openly have sex with black men, marry them, and birth multi-racial children.