Ya I mean "kinky" used to be wanting to have sex with the lights on.

Is that not normal?

I read a "better sex" book from the 70s and they recommended putting on candles. So I guess it wasn't normal back then. All the drawings had lots of hair, too.

Was it "The Joy of Sex"? I remember when I was about 11 or 12, I found an old copy that a family friend owned when they had a yard sale one weekend. My mum snatched it out of my hand so fast. As if that would do anything to discourage my interest.💀

It didn't used to be, and you can still find that theme in older works. In the movie version of "In her Shoes" Toni Collette and her Nigel play it out in a scene. He turns the lights on, she turns them off...

I’m a Boomer. “Normal” heterosexual sex in the not so long ago times was lights out, no oral, no anal, no doggy, strictly missionary. Quick, statistically no orgasm for the female because little to no foreplay. Oh, and no one would have dreamed of shaving any of their pubic hair off.